Kite’s new cardboard delivery trays are designed to enhance user experience by maximising efficiency and streamlining logistics processes. The environmentally friendly alternative is made of 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard providing durability which can withstand up to 10kg of goods. With a reinforced, hard-wearing structure, the trays are reusable in nature, proving to be both environmentally and economically sustainable.

Simple yet smart in design, the trays have slots and tabs which allow for stacking, meaning they can be utilised in conjunction with each other. This high level of functionality grants additional stability to trays of goods whether they are in storage or in transit, adding to the product’s versatility.

With two convenient holes at the sides and four vents along the bottom, the product allows for comfortable handling and a slight airflow beneficial to goods if needed. To add, produce can be taken directly from a storage facility to a retail shop floor without the need for unnecessary handling.

Available in a standard and smaller size, these multifunctional lightweight trays are effective shelf organisers suitable for shop floors across a range of retail sectors.

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