Jimmy’s, the family-owned Iced Coffee brand, now produce their entire range in aluminium vessels.  From May 24th, their hero products, Original and Mocha, will launch onto shelves in an infinitely recyclable ‘BottleCan™’ format. This is the next step in the brands pledge to do better for the environment and set themselves apart with a standout on-shelf presence. Waitrose and Tesco will be among the first major supermarkets to unveil the new sustainable packaging.

Jimmy’s Iced Coffee, which is sold nationally and internationally, was previously packaged in Tetra Pak cartons. While 100% recyclable, the bio-cap is plastic. Determined to move away from single-use plastic, Jimmy’s have transitioned their Original and Mocha Iced Coffee into 275ml aluminium BottleCans.

The two SKUs join Jimmy’s Iced Flat White range, which launched in March last year in 250ml aluminium slim cans. Also infinitely recyclable and plastic free, Jimmy’s standout BottleCan™ design further builds on their 2020 rebrand by bringing to market an iconic vessel for their two hero products. The BottleCan™ not only introduces a rare, new shape to the market, but also continues to provide a resealable format with the perfect wide-necked top that allows consumers to crack open a bottle that’s colder and more enjoyable than ever before.

The beverage company has built a strong brand presence in the RTD market with its ethical ingredients, philanthropic efforts and ridiculous marketing. As the brand has grown, so has their passion for broadening their positive impact both on people and the environment.

Jimmy’s Co-founder, Jim Cregan, commented, “We’ve now moved our entire range into aluminium packaging which recycles forever and boy are we stoked about it. Being environmentally conscious on-the-go can be tough and we want to make it easy, whilst also giving folks a neat coffee fix with epic taste. The BottleCans keep it cooler and it’s better for the planet. Winner!”

Co-founder, Suzie Owen, also commented, “When we first laid eyes on the cracking BottleCan™, we knew it was the perfect fit for an ice-cold Jimmy’s. She’s a beauty and we are so proud to be the first in the UK market with this fully aluminium and infinitely recyclable packaging format.”

Jimmy’s move from Tetra Pak to cans across their range is having a big impact, saving 9 million plastic lids a year, equating to 40 tonnes less plastic on the planet*. Moving to cans will make it more convenient for consumers to recycle after consuming their Iced Coffee on-the-go, while also helping to minimise the impact on the environment. Notably, the Jimmy’s Iced Coffee Original and Mocha recipes will remain the same, using only Rainforest Alliance Certified arabica coffee.

Following the success of their Iced Flat White launch, Jimmy’s bold BottleCans are set to further shake up the Iced Coffee category.

The launch of the brand new BottleCan™ will be supported by a multi-channel marketing campaign beginning next month. The campaign will include TV advertising and a social media campaign in addition to both physical and digital sampling throughout the summer. Maintaining their prowess at doing marketing a little differently, the team also has some eye-catching brand builds underway.

Co-Founder, Jim Cregan, commented “We cannot wait to tour again this summer. We started as a small company 10 years ago sampling product out of cool boxes and this summer, we’ve got something that is gonna really rocket and we can’t wait for everyone to see it. Launching soon…”

Jimmy’s Tetra Pak cartons will still be available for a limited time through some retailers until the last carton is sold, in order to avoid any wastage as a result of the packaging switchover. Jimmy’s BottleCans will be available in Waitrose and Tesco from 24th May 2021, launching in BP in June, with an RRP of £1.85. The brand also aims to roll out further distribution, working in partnership with Molson Coors.

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