Award winning artisan sourdough brand, Jason’s Sourdough, is extending its distribution and launching a brand new loaf in Tesco from 6th September, to accompany its recently launched, The Great White Straight Up sourdough.

Launching both online and in 270 stores, alongside other premium, craft, pre-wrapped loaves in the main bread aisle, the range will include two of the three Straight Up Sourdoughs – The Great White and Superb Sprouted Grains, in which master-baker Jason Geary has drawn on his favourite mainstay variants and added his own unique Jason’s take.

The two ‘Straight Up Sourdoughs’ are pre-sliced and traditional in artisanal half boule shape, with a longer life and a yeast-free production, making them gentler on digestion than standard bread.

The sprouted spelt grains are soaked in the Jason’s sourdough culture before being added to the final dough, which goes through the unique twenty-four-hour fermentation process as with all Jason’s loaves. These sprouted spelt grains give bursts of flavour and texture, alongside their associated health benefits, such as better digestion and higher nutritional content and value.

The recipes are based on the Geary family bakery’s original recipe book, which is what gives each variant its unique number – with Jason’s own added twist!

No.01 – Straight Up Sourdough – The Great White: Straight up, this classic white loaf is the perfect versatile bread. Pair with your favourite fillings and enjoy toasted or untoasted.

No.07 Straight Up Sourdough – Superb Sprouted Grains: A loaf packed with nutrition, the Superb Sprouted Grains is the perfect base to top with poached eggs and tomatoes, or to slather with pate for that wholesome flavour in every bite.

Jason Geary, master-baker and MD of Geary’s Bakery says: “We are absolutely delighted to be launching in Tesco this September, building on our distribution in M&S, ASDA and Ocado. The new Sprouted Grains loaf has been created with innovation at the forefront, to bring new bursts of flavour to our sourdough range, with quality ingredients as our top priority. We can’t wait to share it with our loyal and new customers alike!”

Jason’s Sourdough loaves are baked using a twenty-four-hour fermentation process typical of artisanal sourdough, delivering the special and unique flavour that Jason’s Sourdough is known for. As with all Jason’s Sourdough products, there is no added sugar, preservatives or additives and the loaves are made up of minimal, honest, ingredients. Packaged in paper bags with a transparent film to show the loaves, with a re-sealable label the packaging delivers the authentic, craft bakery experience.

Jason’s Sourdough – The Great White and Superb Sprouted Grains Straight Up Sourdough range (450g) are available in Tesco, in store and online, from 6th September 2021, RRP £1.80.

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