EPoS manufacturer brings to market the J2 680 PC-based touchscreen till – with the strength and speed needed to process massive retail databases.

Global manufacturer of PC-based touchscreen point-of-sale hardware, J2 Retail Systems, has revealed the fruits of its most recent development programme. It has launched its J2 680 machine, which the company claims this is the most powerful and most advanced EPoS touchscreen ever made.

Explains Moray Boyd, managing director of J2 Retail Systems: “Our new J2 680 is an exceptional piece of technology. It comes with a choice of 12 new chipsets, and its new quad core processors deliver the speed and strength needed by retailers and other industry users to process enormous product databases. The J2 680 really is a beast and a half!”

Continues Boyd: “Combining phenomenal processing power, a multitude of I/O connectivity and remote manageability, the new J2 680 redefines what retailers can expect from a POS terminal.”

Offering a full range of dual and quad core variants of the latest Intel Sandy Bridge processor, all with Intel’s new turbo boost speeds, the J2 680 represents the highest level CPU on the market. It can be configured to meet end-user requirements from ‘thick’ stand-alone operating to ‘thin’ centrally-controlled solutions.

The J2 680 supports Intel’s vPro™ option, which puts easy accessibility and serviceability into the hands of the user.  Intel’s incorporated AMT (active management technology) facilitates the remote and secure self-diagnosis and repair of networked POS systems. The J2 680 also comes equipped with J2’s own Health Monitoring system, which can predict hardware failures before they occur.

J2 680 users can choose from different screen technologies, including J2’s new True Flat Resistive, a bezel-free touchscreen, or Projected Capacitive Touch (Pro-Cap) with gesturing, which offers unlimited touch life.

This latest machine comes with J2’s trademark ‘all in the head’ technology to enable it to be counter-, pole- or wall-mounted. For maximum energy efficiency, the J2 680 has a low-powered fanless mode.

Concludes Moray Boyd: “As a business, we are driven by a desire to take our EPoS touchscreen technology to new levels of innovation, performance and cost-effectiveness.  This could not be achieved if we did not control our design, development and manufacture.”

J2 Retail Systems


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