We are a nation that demands convenience. Today’s busy lifestyle and fast-paced lives mean we want things and we want them now, and when it comes to food, we want it on the go. After all, we often find ourselves with little time to cook three meals a day from scratch.

That’s where Grasshopper Foods comes in. A filling portion of delicious porridge in one compressed pot, making it the go-to choice for breakfast, lunch or a filling snack on-the-go, at work or out and about. With its 100% natural ingredients including British grown oats, Grasshopper combines convenience with absolutely no compromise on quality, health benefits and taste.

Following the very successful trial of their unique Hopper Pot at lunch!, Grasshopper received a Gold Award in Innovation Challenge for the revolutionary design of their new pop-up pots, more portable than ever, which will be available in early 2013. The unique concept lies in the fully compressible and biodegradable plastic pot that springs to life once the lid is removed.

In the meantime, Grasshopper’s porridge is available in three delicious flavours and all you need to do is add some boiling water… a quick stir makes it the go-to choice for a healthy meal when out and about. Established in 2005 by two sisters who were big on outdoor activities – growing up by the coast, they were naturally always having fun with water sports. To keep their energy levels up, they needed instant hot food whilst out and about, so made pots of porridge mixed with milk powder and fruit in pots. Before they knew it, they were making pots of porridge for their friends.

Since then, Grasshopper has stood for energy, adventure and challenging the norms. Managing Director, Helen Cooper, says: “We target an attitude rather than age or socio-classification. Our consumer attitudinal target is focused on people who have a real sense of adventure and a love for the outdoors. Whatever their passion, they love our products’ quality, taste, and easy portability.”

Helen is steering the growing company forward, full steam ahead. Not only has she worked on getting a unique and innovative pot design developed, the brand is also evolving and a soup range will be launched soon, followed by additions to the porridge flavours.

Grasshopper Pots of pre-mixed porridge and toppings are an exciting and unique addition to the instant food market. Available in Coconut & Date, Cinnamon & Raisin and Simply Cane Sugar at an RRP of £ 1.29, the 60g porridge pots are already causing a stir a stir amongst the health-and-time conscious.

Still not convinced? Order your FREE sample at www.grasshopper-foods.com

So delicious, Grasshopper guarantee you’ll be coming back for more!

Grasshopper Foods

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Email: sales@grasshopper-foods.com


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