Market analysis shows that no brand is currently offering a full range for long lasting body pain relief until now.


2016 will see the introduction of RB’s Nurofen Joint & Back Pain Relief range, up to 8 hours pain relief in one dose for body pain*. This long lasting pain relief range offers a great sales opportunity for retailers.

The range, which will help fill a gap in the market, comprises three GSL products, and a maximum strength pharmacy only product. Along with Nurofen’s Topicals preparations, it will be the only full range offering long lasting relief of body pain, with a combination of different formats.


• Nurofen Joint & Back Pain Relief 200mg soft capsules (Contains Ibuprofen) MRRP £4.29 (16 caplets)

• Nurofen Joint & Back Pain Relief 256mg tablets (Contains Sodium Ibuprofen) MRRP £3.56 (16 tablets)

• Nurofen Joint & Back Pain Relief 256mg caplets (Contains Sodium Ibuprofen) MRRP £3.77 (16 caplets)

Pharmacy Only

• Nurofen Max Strength Joint & Back Pain Relief 512mg tablets (Contains Sodium Ibuprofen) MRRP £8.99 (24 tablets)


• Nurofen Joint & Back Pain Relief 5% Gel (contains Ibuprofen) MRRP £4.99 (30g)

• Nurofen Joint & Back Pain Relief 10% Gel (contains Ibuprofen) MRRP £6.99 (40g)

• Nurofen Muscle & Back Pain Relief Regular Heat Patch (Medical Device) MRRP £3.99 (2 regular patches)

• Nurofen Muscle & Back Pain Relief Large Heat Patch (Medical Device) MRRP £4.99 (2 large patches)

Body pain has a huge effect in the UK, a recent study showed, 88% of 1000 Brits suffer from body pain episodes a year (Ipsos U&A March 14). Joint and back pain occasions can be frequent and long-lasting, which can impact people’s daily lives (Winkle U&A Nov 2011 n=1447). However despite this recurring pain, some people aren’t treating (Ipsos U&A March 14). Body pain tends to be frequent and long lasting and research has shown that primary consumer needs are treatment suitability for the type of pain they suffer from (Winkle 2011) and convenience of use (Ipsos 2014), thus a duration based range in a suitable medication format (such as a pill) may help bring those not currently treating into the category.

The new Nurofen Joint & Back Pain Relief range offers:

• Long lasting pain relief

• Oral formats give up to 8 hours relief of joint, back and muscular pains*

• Anti-inflammatory action

• Clear on pack navigation for consumers, pharmacists and retailers – meeting an unmet need

• Heat patches which can provide up to 8 hours of therapeutic heat

• Ibuprofen based Gels that can be applied to the area which is the source of the pain

Commenting on the launch, Silvina Vilas, Nurofen Marketing Director, said, “Our research shows clearly that helping shoppers navigate the pain relief fixture is vital. 88% of people shop for products which are clearly labelled for specific types of pain such as headache, migraine, back pain, period pain etc. One in four shoppers are put off making a purchase because products carry no specific pain or symptom information on pack and nine in 10 have told us that pain specific packs give them the reassurance to selftreat**.

With this insight in mind we have designed the Nurofen Joint & Back Pain Relief range to make it clear to consumers that they can specifically tackle joint and back pain effectively and provide long lasting relief”.

*Based on a 400mg dose

**Redshift consumer survey (n=2000), Oct 2015

*** Pricing is solely at the discretion of retailers

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