Supporting the trade and key workers in the grocery industry through an exceptional year has shown a rise in demand for GroceryAid’s services. GroceryAid has been providing emotional, practical and financial support for grocery colleagues since 1857, working in partnership with hundreds of supporters across the trade.

In 2020/21 17,492 incidences of support were given to colleagues from manufacturers, convenience stores, wholesalers, supermarkets, distribution, sales and support functions. 73% of colleagues helped were of working age.

GroceryAid spent £5m delivering emotional, practical and financial support to colleagues in need. 4,200 colleagues received financial support.

Last year, over 13,000 colleagues contacted the 24/7 Helpline, with a 148% increase in Relationship Counselling and 40% of all law advice sessions being Family Law.

Employers remain the top referrer to the charity for colleagues in need with the main reason for applications being financial hardship triggered by illness. GroceryAid’s grant assistance coupled with a wide range of support services helps grocery colleagues get back on their feet after a setback.

“We anticipated rising demand for the GroceryAid services and were able to provide assistance to record numbers reaching out for support. This was possible as a result of the generosity from trade in backing the charity through an extraordinarily difficult period. This has been one of the biggest challenges the trade charity has faced in its 164 year history and the Impact Report demonstrates how we were able to accelerate our support available to colleagues when it mattered most.”

  • Charles Wilson, GroceryAid President

‘‘‘We still have a long way to go for financial and emotional recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. Our Covid-19 Fund remains open for those who need Mental Health Support, Financial Grants and Bereavement Financial Assistance. We know that normality for many of our colleagues is still far away. We will continue to be the rainbow after the storm and we are here for all colleagues in the grocery industry.’’

  • Mandi Leonard, GroceryAid Welfare Director

The full impact report is available to read on the GroceryAid Website:

The GroceryAid Helpline is available 24/7, 365 days a year: 08088 021 122

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