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St Helen’s Farm, the home of fresh goats’ milk, has unveiled the latest additions to its delicious yogurt range.


The single-serve pots of layered yogurts (creamy goats milk yogurt on top of fruit compote) now has two unique flavour combinations. New Mango & Lime and Blueberry & Rosehip – a delicious, limited edition 2x125g twin-pack that will be available throughout the summer months.

The fruit flavours, including the original and unique taste of Rosehip, are fresh and delicious and accompany the mild goats’ milk yogurt topping perfectly, providing a fruity treat for breakfast, dessert or lunchboxes.

In addition, the large 400g pot of Blossom Honey yogurt has been replaced by a new 2x125g pack of Blossom Honey, to complement the layered fruit range.

The new twin-packs fruit and blossom honey will be available in Waitrose from 21 April (£1.87 for 2 x 125g pots) all are made with 100% British Goats’ Milk.

Goats’ milk fans should also look out for the new fat-free goats’ milk yogurt in a large, family-size pot (£2.29 for 450g) also in Waitrose stores from 21 April, which will replace the existing 450g low fat offering and contains no added thickeners, sugars or flavours and so are not only natural but healthy too.

“Goats milk yogurts are the fastest growing sector within alternative yogurts and we are leading the way with our flagship natural goats yogurt and a constantly inventive range of flavours and formats that delights our loyal and demanding consumers”, says Mike Hind, Sales and Marketing manager of St Helen’s Farm.

Goats’ milk can be a great choice for people who can’t drink cows’ milk – which is one of the most common causes of food intolerance (especially young children) in the UK.

Many people who can’t drink cows’ milk can drink goats – and claim that their intolerance symptoms are reduced or disappear altogether.

People are often surprised that eczema and asthma can be diet related and these symptoms and those of other common complaints including: eczema, asthma, bloatedness, constipation, digestive discomfort and catarrh can be eased by removing cows’ milk from the diet and substituting with goats’ milk.

Founded in 1986, St Helen’s Farm is based in over 500 acres in East Yorkshire, where it cares for its herd of goats and operates a modern dairy, using 100% fresh British goats’ milk.

The St Helen’s Farm product range includes milk, butter, cheese, yogurts, cream and ice cream and is available in Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose and via on-line retailer Ocado.

St Helen’s Farm

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