go2At Anuga this month, Go Fast! has claimed a stake in the emerging shots category with the launch of the UK’s first mainstream functional energy shot, priced at around £1 RRP. The global energy drinks brand is confident that its ‘bio-energy’ shot plugs a gap in the existing market for a high-quality, value proposition that fits into the pockets and lifestyles of the ‘busy adult’ population.

Aiming to attract new consumers that are currently not served by the energy drinks category, the shot features a unique blend of herbal ingredients and a low-GI, fruit-based sugar compound for a fast-acting, sustained energy lift with only five calories.

Speaking at the world’s premier food and drink trade show, Kris Yule, UK Director of Go Fast! Sports, explained: “The herbal blend in Go Fast! is made up of Ginseng, Guarana and Ginkgo Biloba – all natural ingredients that have a proven energy benefit. Combined with fruit sugars, B-vitamins, amino acids and caffeine, the shot delivers an energy boost that can last for hours.”

Yule added: “The Go Fast! Energy Shot, like our energy drink, is a top-quality product at a reasonable price. Retailers should expect some exciting new revenue opportunities as the category develops ”

Information Resources has estimated that the value of the US shot market could reach $700m in 2009, double the figure on 2008. While the category is still new to the UK market Zenith International 2009 Energy Shot Drinks Report reported that in 2008 sales in the US and Europe rocketed by 130% YOY.

Yule believes that Go Fast! is in a strong position to capture significant market share because the intrinsic product attributes, low-calorie message and value-for-money proposition will appeal to a much broader consumer audience.

“Evidence from the US shows that the energy shot has the potential to reach a much wider consumer demographic than typical canned energy drinks,” he said. “People who have been turned off by the taste, name or image of an energy drink; health conscious individuals who are watching their calorie intake, particularly women, are all receptive to the shot proposition.”

To exploit the opportunity, the packaging features a distinctive green cap and information signposts that all clearly communicate what the end-user receives for their money.

As well as innovating on the actual product, Go Fast! has developed bespoke packaging solutions for the off-trade. A custom-designed (2×6) shelf-ready outer case display unit that fits neatly on shelves or counter-tops, take-home multi-packs and clip strips, are all being rolled out to maximise visibility to the shopper.

The Go Fast! Energy Shot is being distributed by Windfall in the UK at £1.29 RRP with £0.99p expected in the major supermarkets for a single unit. The Shot is the second line in the company’s UK drinks portfolio; its energy drink (250ml and 352ml SKUs) has been available since 2007.

Go Fast!

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