long-service-corridorThe construction of low temperature facilities as universally required in food processing is one of the most intricate types of installation. It is necessary to provide a fully vapour-sealed enclosure that will stand up to the passage of time, and not be compromised.

The essence of this type of construction is that you build it once, and you build it right. It is therefore extremely important to contract a specialist constructor for cold stores, cold rooms and manufacturing areas. Global Insulation Logistics (GIL) has throughout its history specialised in the construction of industrial cold stores, blast freezer and chillers as well as food processing facilities including bakeries and proofers, dairies, meat processing, abattoirs and fruit stores. Over the years, the company has been involved in building various insulated structures for many different food preparation applications including a number of major international projects in Europe, and the Far East.

Projects include refurbishing existing airline catering facilities for Gate Gourmet International at Heathrow and Gatwick. This presented special challenges as airline catering facilities operate 24/7 so GIL had to fit in around these constraints and schedule work around short windows. They had to ramp up their resources to complete the project on time with the minimum disruption.

Other food preparation experience has been diverse from building a sandwich manufacturing location to a lettuce processing and packing facility for a major supermarket. Every project has its own specific challenges. A specialist company producing olive oil infused with various flavours such as garlic, chilli and rosemary required an insulated food preparation room, built inside a farm shed which was in use as a vegetable packing house. This was quite a challenge as GIL had to build the insulated structure without disrupting the packing operation, and the location of the shed made it difficult to transport  building materials.

Global Insulation Logistics take their responsibility to protect and enhance the environment very seriously and has made a commitment to address sustainability issues. They adhere to a rigorous green policy ensuring that every aspect of planning and design, construction and material use is carried out with regard to environmental considerations. As testament to this their specialist composite panels which are used for fire-rated and security solutions have been awarded a Green Guide rating of A by the British Research Establishment (BRE).

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