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Lunchbox snack Fruitypot is delighted to welcome the Vimto Jelly range into its brand family.


The famous mixed fruit drink brand has licensed a range of four jelly products. Vimto Original and No Added Sugar are made using the legendary secret Vimto flavour. Joined by Cherry and Strawberry, in line with Vimto’s expanded range of flavours, the products were listed in ADSA from June 17th.

The Vimto Jelly range will complement Fruitypot’s own branded fruit in juice and fruit in jelly products. Like Fruitypot, Vimto Jelly comes with a foldable spoon which makes it an ideal snack on the go.

Fruitypot was developed to provide a tasty and healthy alternative to sweets, chocolate and crisps. Available in fruit in juice and jelly, they contain no artificial sweeteners and are an easy way to achieve your 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Fruitypots are available in four fruit in juice flavours: Pineapple, Peach & Pear, Tropical Fruit and Mandarin, and three fruity in jelly varieties: Mandarin, Peach and Tropical Fruit flavours.


Whilst Vimto Jelly is recommended as an after school snack or teatime treat, like Fruitypot it makes a great lunchbox accompaniment.

To accompany the launch of the product Fruitypot is undertaking a 3 month dedicated social campaign, which has already resulted in 700+ new twitter followers and a monthly audience reach of 850,000+. The campaign initially started with teaser tweets and posts to build anticipation before its launch instore. Following a successful launch it is currently holding weekly ‘Purple Prize’ giveaways to promote Vimto Jelly and engage with its audience.

Sarah Booth, Managing Director of Fruitypot said: “We saw our partnership with Vimto as a great opportunity to expand our product offering and appeal to a wider audience. We have worked extensively with Vimto on refining the flavours and developing the packaging to ensure the product truly reflects the Vimto brand.”

James Nichols, Brand Licensing Manager for Vimto comments: “We are delighted with the launch of Vimto Jellies with their true Vimto taste and fantastic stand out on shelf. We are looking forward to further Grocery listings and the launch of the No Added Sugar variant into schools in September.”


Fruitypot is a subsidiary of Caterers Choice Ltd, one of the UK’s most trusted suppliers of quality imported food. Clients include supermarkets, contract caterers, hotel and restaurant groups, sandwich makers, manufacturers, and school authorities.

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