Freedom Brands are delighted to announce the launch of Nudie Snacks Premium Coconut Chips at IFE. Coconut chips are an innovative new snacking sensation and Freedom Brands are leading the way in the UK with confirmed listings in Wholefood Markets, Asda, Cotswold Fayre and Simple Heavenly wholesalers, as well as many independent health and wellness retailers across the country. This healthy, all-natural alternative to traditional potato crisps is made from toasted slices of fresh coconut with a third less of carbohydrates than potato crisps. They are also three times higher in fibre, with no trans fats and made from gluten free ingredients which will appeal to a broad range of consumers. Loaded with the naturally sweet taste of coconut, Nudie Snacks are also full of the health benefits of this popular, on-trend drupe. Early adopters of this first-to-market coconut chip brand describe Nudie Snacks as “incredibly moreish;” they are currently available in a 35g bag with a RRP of £1.29. A further multipack of four 25g packs will also follow shortly.

NEW-Nudie-35g-Bag---higher-resNudie Snacks’ convenient packaging makes it a great snack on-the-go, perfectly sized for children’s packed lunches. Nudie coconut chips are so versatile they can also be added to all sorts of recipes, lending a coconut kick to biscuits and cakes, or topping porridge for breakfast or ice cream for dessert. Nudie Snacks can even be used in other scrumptious recipes, adding an extra crunch to coconut prawns or a little something sweet to salad.

These versatile morsels of goodness are not only great for snacking and baking, they also make a delicious addition to a variety of restrictive diets. Nudie Snacks can be worked into paleo and anti-inflammatory diets. Never fried, they are free of the animal fats and emulsifiers found in some other snack foods, making them suitable for vegetarians and vegans. The hearty coconut meat is also naturally gluten-free.

Coconut meat is full of potassium and fibre, as well as medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs, aka good fats). Lauric acid, the main fat in coconut meat, has been shown to have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Further benefits of MCFAs are still being established in the food and drink world.

Directors Tracey Hogarth and Ross Currie said, “We are delighted to be first to market with an innovative snacking idea. The feedback has been tremendous as the coconut trend continues to dominate food and drink with coconut water, coconut oil and the like, it only seemed natural for us to continue the good work of Go Coco coconut water and develop a healthy snack brand that was aligned to our vision of health and wellbeing and this was a natural extension for us.”


Launching to the market initially is the original flavour Salt & Sweet, coconut chips with a little hint of sea salt and cane sugar. The Nudie coconut chips range will extend due to feedback from loyal brand followers to include popular flavours Salt & Vinegar and Thai Sweet Chili. The brands’ commitment to using all-natural ingredients helps ensure that Nudie Snacks coconut chips are “as nature intended”, without preservatives or artificial flavourings. Of course, it’s not all about the health benefits: Nudie Snacks are scrumptious morsels of coconutty goodness that adds a tropical crunch to brighten any day!

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