SSI Schaefer has implemented one of the largest and most modern beverage distribution centres in Germany as a general contractor for A. Kempf Getränkegroßhandel GmbH, a subsidiary of Edeka Südwest. Intelligent control of the flow of goods and a combination of manual and fully automated picking strategies ensures maximum levels of efficiency.

In its capacity as a general contractor, SSI Schaefer has recently completed a project for A. Kempf Getränkegroßhandel GmbH – a subsidiary of Edeka Südwest that provides beverage services as part of Edeka’s food retailing operations in south-west Germany – creating one of the largest state-of-the-art beverage distribution centres in the country. The contract covered all the building construction work, including the outdoor facilities and system engineering, and training for employees. On top of this, SSI Schaefer also led the construction planning from the initial concept through to the design and approval, with the support of its internal construction department, and guided the drinks wholesaler through the entire building permit process. With this holistic planning and project management approach, SSI Schaefer succeeded in constructing the building, including the logistics equipment and outdoor facilities, for Edeka Südwest eG in a mere 21 months. “Thanks to the extensive support throughout the construction project, as well as the excellent way in which the different processes and trades were coordinated during the implementation phase, we were able to put the new logistics centre into operation 11 weeks before the agreed completion date,” explains the division manager and authorised representative at A. Kempf Getränkegroßhandel GmbH. “It was an extremely successful project in terms of the results, planning, smooth running and efficiency of the system.”

In the drinks warehouse, the wholesaler handles up to 160,000 full and empty beverage crates every day. To guarantee efficiency in the warehousing and distribution processes, SSI Schaefer has constructed a 17-aisle high bay warehouse (HBW) and a 6-aisle automated miniload system (ASPW) with tray storage locations. An electric monorail system (EMS) is installed above this for internal transport. Gantry robots, which are supplied with whole pallets directly from the HBW, carry out the depalletising and branch-specific assembly of order pallets with fast movers.

Seventeen Exyz storage-retrieval machines from SSI Schaefer, each equipped with an Orbiter load handling device, ensure there are ample capacity reserves for the multi-depth storage in the racking channels of the HBW to respond to seasonal peaks. Based on and controlled by the WAMAS® logistics software from SSI Schaefer, complex flows of goods with varying picking strategies have been implemented.


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