Permissibly indulgent snack bar brand, Fibre One 90 calorie from General Mills, has announced an expansion to its brownie range with a limited-edition guilt-free variant – Choc Mint Brownie. Hugely popular in the US market, the new SKU will hit UK shelves exclusively at Tesco from 14th February 2022.

The square is comprised of chocolate brownie, packed with mint flavoured chips, and is finished with a mint drizzle. This super tasty, high fibre treat is perfect for people looking to satisfy a craving without the guilt.

The brand will be investing in shopper activity, collaborating with Tesco to create stand-out marketing in-store and online. Fibre One 90 calorie also recently refreshed the look and feel of its social platforms as part of the Masterbrand campaign ‘Crave Club’ – a secret society of like-minded, supportive people who have discovered the freedom of having what they crave, without any fear of self-judgment.

Gerry Roads, Marketing Manager for Snacking at General Mills, said: “Here at Fibre One it’s really important to us that our target audience have a wide range of tantalising flavours to choose from and feel they can still have fun while watching what they eat. Choc Mint Brownie is perfectly placed to offer the best of ‘permissible indulgence’.”

Fibre One is now third biggest brand in the weight management snack category, delivering an impressive £4.2million over the last 12 weeks[1].

Fibre One Choc Mint Brownie: MRRSP – £2.89 (5x24g) *

[1] Nielsen Total coverage Latest 12 weeks WE 2.10.21

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