faerch-newpetfoodpacksNew containers produced from AMPET® (Ambient Polyethylene) offer a low cost, attractive and practical alternative to tins

Leading plastics packaging specialist, Faerch Plast has launched an attractive and practical range of packaging specially designed for pet food products. Produced from AMPET® (Ambient Polyethylene), the innovative new packs provide a low cost, environmentally-friendly alternative to tins.

AMPET® was purpose developed by Faerch Plast for the packaging of ambient products. The material is lightweight yet stable, and ideal for different types of pet foods. It does not taint the taste of the food which given a dog’s keen sense of taste and smell, is an important detail. AMPET® can also be tailored to any desired shape and colour, making it easy to keep step with changing market demands.

In addition, AMPET® is more cost effective than the materials which are traditionally used for pet food packaging. It takes up less space in storage and in transit as it is stackable – a cost reduction reflected in the bottom line and that benefits the environment. AMPET® consists of only one type of raw material allowing it to be used repeatedly in production. As a result, more than 99 per cent of the raw material is used and only 1 per cent remains as waste.

Faerch Plast is currently working to incorporate scrap PET in its production delivering reduced energy consumption and lower CO2 emissions. After use, the packaging can be incinerated and converted into new energy.

“The pet food market is an ideal target for us. AMPET® is an environmentally-friendly alternative which offers the possibility of completely new and innovative designs,” says Faerch Plast’s CEO Lars Gade Hansen.

In choosing AMPET®, pet food producers are able to improve product differentiation through the shape and colour of the packaging, and also enjoy greater flexibility. At the same time, the demands of pet owners are increasing with portion servings high on their agendas, as well as packaging which is light and easy to take on trips.

Mr Gade Hansen concludes: “Faerch Plast’s range is adapted to market developments and can meet any pet food packaging need.”

For information on Faerch Plast Ltd’s products please contact:

Faerch Plast Ltd

Joe Iannidinardo

Tel: 020 8254 2300

Email:  uk@faerchplast.co.uk


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