beatsonSpecialist glass packaging manufacturer, Beatson Clark, has reported strong interest in its products and services in the wake of the company’s attendance at two key exhibitions this year.

Ecopack is the must-attend event for any company interested in environmentally responsible packaging, while Pro2pac is the processing and production exhibition dedicated entirely to the food and drink industry. Both exhibitions made ideal platforms to demonstrate their expertise in the specialist food and drink markets, while promoting the environmental credentials of glass as the ultimate packaging medium.

Ecopack saw Beatson Clark’s Lynn Sidebottom and Alan Haigh give a presentation at the Brand Summit on the latest award-winning Oxo bottle design, while Pro2pac allowed the company to showcase its flexibility in providing glass packaging solutions, including smaller product ranges and niche markets.

“Both exhibitons were extremely successful with the first days of both events being especially busy,” said marketing manager Charlotte Taylor, “and we were delighted with the interest in our products and services by both new prospects and existing customers. Visitors were particularly impressed by the design services Beatson Clark offer. With the added option to reduce mould costs by embossing an item from our extensive general sale range, there has been increased interest in bespoke products.”

The opportunity to speak to many people in one place however also demonstrated that Beatson Clark has a great deal of work still to do on an educational level.

“When discussing glass, it is natural for us to keep returning to its unique properties and environmental value of glass as a packaging medium,” continued Charlotte, “but it was amazing to discover just how many people still do not realise just how good glass is and the advantages it holds over other forms of packaging! We will be taking two things away from these exhibitions – a welcome increase in orders, but also a realisation of how much educational work we still have to do in making people aware of the benefits of glass.”

As one of the only materials that is infinitely recycleable, glass can be used repeatedly without any loss in strength or quality, which is important when we are all confronting the dangers of man-made climate change.

This is because using recycled materials slows down the depletion of the Earth’s natural resources, while also saving energy in the manufacturing process. For every 10% of recycled glass cullet used, energy costs are reduced by 2%. Up to 60-70% cullet can be used to manufacture flint glass and as much as 85% for amber glass depending of the availability of good quality recycled glass.

“Beatson Clark is also at the forefront of introducing the latest lightweighting technology,” said Charlotte, “Reducing the weight of a standard 500ml amber beer bottle by as much as 83g still allows the style of packaging to be retained while reducing both manufacturing and transport costs – further protecting the environment and conserving valuable resources. Visitors to our stand were very interested in our latest lightweight products which are being continually added to our range. It is these environmental messages we must deliver to a wider audience and Pro2pac and Ecopack gave us a platform to do it.”

Beatson Clark specialises in providing packaging solutions for niche brands and complete product lines for customers with variable needs. It supplies glass-packaging containers to the pharmaceutical, food and drink markets worldwide.

For more information about Beatson Clark call: 01709 828141 or visit

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