wave_2Ten years ago, Crown introduced the Wave® Work Assist Vehicle®. Since its introduction, the product has broken new ground worldwide in meeting the needs of companies in an ever increasing number of industries.

The Wave®, a revolutionary, mobile productivity tool, was originally developed as an alternative to using ladders for small parts picking, allowing one person to safely and efficiently accomplish what normally would take two people. Since its introduction, customers continue to find new, innovative uses for the Wave®.

Today, thousands of companies utilise the Wave®, from retail stores to hospitals, with new applications being found daily. Customers report improved productivity, reduced labour costs – in some cases by half – and increased safety. For many users, there are also fewer errors and accidents using the Wave®.

Take for instance, the Swiss Textile manufacturer, Charles Vögele and their application problem. “Our employees pushed or pulled ladders and a trolley up and down the aisles. Every time goods were removed from the upper level a ladder was needed and there was always a risk that the ladder might slide. Also, to save time, workers often carried too many goods at once, which meant they could easily trip over or drop them. It was basically a safety nightmare and a situation which could not be allowed to continue – so we decided to search for an alternative” explains Peter Kohler, responsible for distribution logistics. “As soon as we found the Wave® Work Assist Vehicle® from Crown,  we knew we’d found the solution”.

“Use of the Wave® has evolved tremendously over the past 10 years,” says Crown Product Marketing Manager Gary Thurner. “The Wave continues to cross over into new industries throughout the world, and our customers continue to find new uses for our product.” In addition to using the Wave® for parts picking, other unique applications include ship welding, retrieval of historical artifacts and even aircraft maintenance.

The Wave will allow a typical operator to safely reach up to 5 metres. The Wave® is capable of manoeuvring in compact work aisles as narrow as 900mm and supports up to 90 Kgs on the load tray and up to 115 Kgs on the load deck.

Crown Equipment Corporation is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electric lift trucks and is the US market leader.

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