p0210-073An innovative project set to revolutionise fire protection across the UK has been launched in Norfolk.

Tibenham based Fireworks Fire Protection and Thetford engineering firm Warren Services have launched Hydramist® through their company Watermist.

Watermist supplies modular and portable fire suppression systems to businesses and organisations where damage limitation is a priority.

The fixed nozzle system has a number of applications including IT Data Centres, hotels, restaurants, offices, individual factory areas or production lines, archives or a prison cell block. In addition to reducing damage, the system can minimize loss of income as areas can be back in use rapidly.

A number of major businesses have installed Watermist systems including high street bakeries, banks and the the Ministry of Justice. Over 100 UK prisons have now had the Hydramist® systems installed as part of a contract for the Ministry worth £1.4m, and subsequent orders have already been received worth £500,000 as the project continues to roll out further.

The systems work by pumping water through a nozzle to create a mist. A lance is aimed at the seat of the blaze, sucking the heat out of the fire and creating a blanket to starve it of oxygen. As it uses low volumes of water to create a mist, it causes less water damage. Two units have been designed including a larger capacity model and a mobile version which can get to awkward areas such as prison cells quickly and effectively.

The project began when Derek Killaspy of Fireworks, now one of the five shareholders of Watermist spotted an opportunity for a UK manufacturer of high-tech fire suppression systems.

Fireworks had the knowledge of the systems and marketplace, and Warren Services stepped in to help with a cost effective manufacturing solution. Watermist, based at Hethel Engineering Centre in Norfolk was then formed in 2005 to develop the product. The close proximity of the three companies has worked to ensure an effective supply chain, shortening lead times and enabling a fast response to orders.

Watermist has now established itself at the cutting edge of the UK market in terms of producing innovative patented designs. Both Fireworks and Warren Services have CAD and CNC manufacturing facilities and their combined force and capability means the entire process is streamlined from prototyping through to production – a great example of effective industry collaboration.

The companies involved are al accredited to ISO9001 standards and Watermist is now working with the UK’s leading building research authority, Buildings Research Establishment in Watford, to develop new international standards for suppression systems.

It’s not only an example of good industry collaboration though. As one of the most advanced products to hit the UK marketplace Hydramist® is now set to have a significant impact in terms of fire protection in the future, not only in the UK but also internationally.

For further information about Watermist and their Hydramist® systems see www.watermist.com or email info@watermist.com.
Tel: 0800 731 9288

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