windWith global warming high on everyone’s agenda, it is up to us all to try and reduce the carbon emissions that contribute to the problem. As an innovative, forward-thinking refrigeration project management company Project First constantly seeks to provide solutions that are sustainable and offer the lowest environmental impact.

Many of the  UK’s food retailers are now committed to a carbon reduction percentage across their store portfolios, which has led to them introducing new, ‘greener’ refrigeration technology. Green Carbon Dioxide (CO2) refrigeration plant systems are being seen as the best long-term solution for the future.  Conventional refrigeration systems contain hydroflurocarbons (HFCs) which have a Global Warming Potential (GWP) that is a staggering 3800 times greater than CO2.

Project First recognised the potential of CO2 systems some years ago and so formed a partnership with Green & Cool, Scandinavia’s number one independent manufacturer of CO2 refrigeration plant. Green & Cool’s refrigeration equipment uses only CO2 as its cooling fluid and can be customised to the client’s specific needs. That’s why Project First is now installing this innovative and highly efficient plant in some of the UK’s best known supermarket chains.

In order to give our customers top of the range service to complement Green & Cool’s cutting edge equipment, Project First has invested heavily in specific CO2 training for our design engineers, installation engineers and technicians. In fact, the company is presently working with the British Refrigeration Association to define new training standards and practices for the future of CO2 installations in the UK.

This year Project First’s customers are committing up to 50 per cent of their development programme to operate on CO2 and this will increase in 2011.

Mark Stratford, Managing Director of Project First, says: “We are at the start of some very interesting times with the move towards CO2 technology and we look forward to the changes that this will ultimately create in our industry. Our customers have looked to us for innovation and knowledge in this area and we now have to demonstrate that we have understood their requirements, working closely with them to ensure the change does not affect trading in any way. Project First and the industry is full of great people that can make this happen and prove they were right to put their trust in us.”

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