UK’s largest mutual organization will use advanced analytics provided by WorkSpace iQ to support users’ technology needs as it migrates to new OS.

Extensive user intelligence to be used to reduce costs and drive greater efficiency as The Co-operative undertakes strategic IT transformation.

Centrix Software has announced that Centrix WorkSpace will be used to support the deployment of Windows 7 to over 3,500 users at The Co-operative Group, the UK’s largest mutual organization. The Group, which has businesses across a number of sectors including food retail, funeral services, banking and insurance, will use Centrix WorkSpace iQ to capture information on its user environment to ensure new application investments are architected to the exact needs of the organization and delivered in the most cost-efficient way.

“Efficiency and value underpin everything we do.  Being able to capture how our users use and consume technology services in granular detail is incredibly powerful,” said Ian Cawson, Senior Technical Architect at The Co-operative Group. “Having detailed intelligence of our user environment will enable us to make more informed technology decisions faster and develop a tightly optimized environment designed from the ground up. Based on the factual information provided by Centrix WorkSpace iQ, we are confident we can deliver a first-class user experience based on their unique needs.”

The Co-operative Group is working with IT solutions provider Strategic Technologies to prepare the applications for a VDI, Windows 7 platform. The new desktop environment will support the company’s business growth strategies, providing a highly agile, cost and energy-efficient business technology operation.

Centrix WorkSpace iQ is an advanced analytics solution for monitoring and metering software and hardware usage. The solution will be used to provide detailed intelligence on user requirements across The Co-operative Group as the company migrates from Windows XP to Windows 7. The information WorkSpace iQ provides will enable the project team to determine what adjustments and user considerations must be made across the end-user computing estate, which includes over 300 applications, as new technology platforms are architected and deployed.

“The depth of information provided by WorkSpace iQ is unprecedented from an analytics or asset management solution and will provide essential insight to our team,” commented Rodney Azavedo, Managing Director at Strategic Technologies and Solutions. “We anticipate that WorkSpace iQ will not only identify further cost reduction opportunities for our customer but will also help accelerate the development and deployment of their application transformation.”

Using Centrix WorkSpace, organizations can understand quickly what needs to be supported in a new technology environment; what impact any change will have on compatibility testing or development teams, where applications can be rationalized or removed because they are no longer used and where new technologies can deliver services more efficiently.

“Deploying new application delivery platforms or models such as Windows 7, virtualization or cloud services in today’s pressured business climate requires enterprises to have a deeper understanding of the user environment. Insight on consumption and usage is necessary in order to make accurate transformation decisions, manage costs and ensure new services are adopted quickly,” said Lewis Gee, Senior Vice President of EMEA Sales and Marketing at Centrix Software. “WorkSpace iQ provides IT teams with visibility across even the largest enterprise environments, ensuring the diverse needs of users are considered and supported throughout the IT service lifecycle.”

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