A leading independent service station Robin Hood Service Station, Chatham, is slashing its lighting energy bills by 50% and is set to save over 100 Tonnes of Co2 and in excess of £30,000 with British designed and manufactured LED lighting.


Greater Manchester-based MHA Lighting replaced traditional fluorescents throughout Robin Hood Services’ shop floor and food preparation areas, with a selection of award-winning TiLite 40/700 fittings.

Robin Hood Service’s Owner, Steve Fox, said: “I was keen to utilise LED lighting because of the huge energy savings that can be achieved – not to mention the fact that we were constantly up ladders replacing bulbs. This just wasn’t practical and was very time consuming.”

With Robin Hood Services’ 16 hour day cycle, MHA Lighting is able to provide an ROI of 289%, by reducing annual lighting energy consumption from 39,033kW/h (average annual cost of £3,093) to 20,364kW/h. Average annual energy bills have been reduced to £2,036.

The new lighting system utilises 120 lumen LEDs and is extremely low maintenance, running for 60,000 continually. This made the ideal solution for Robin Hood Services’ 16 hour a day, seven days a week operation – as the lights will not need replacing for eleven years.

This creates additional savings of £313 per annum, bringing total product lifetime savings to £31,541.

Steve continued: “When we were looking for a supplier, we selected MHA Lighting because of their successful installation at our forecourt in 2010.”

“MHA’s LED lighting has moved us to the next league up and breathed new life into Robin Hood. Not only increasing sales, safety and security for our customers – but significantly reducing our on-going energy costs.”

“I was particularly impressed with how uniformly distributed the light is, especially on the produce. The feedback from customers and staff is already showing that they feel their surroundings are extremely well-lit.”

MHA Lighting’s patented TiLite technology installed inside Robin Hood Services, achieves an impressive colour rendering of 80CRI and 4,500 kelvin colour temperature. This particular combination offers the optimal colour for displaying produce, subsequently enhancing the shopping experience for customers and potentially increasing sales.

An additional benefit comes as the sealed units do not attract dust or insects, making them the most hygienic option for any shop floor. The lack of heat given off by the units also means that produce stays fresher for longer and the chillers and air conditioning doesn’t need to work as hard, saving further energy usage.

MHA Lighting

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