Enjoy breakfast the bright way with Rude Health’s new and revamped cereal range. What makes it so bright? Great tasting mueslis, granolas and porridges that perfectly pair with their dairy-free drinks, making it simple and joyful to shop for individual taste and functional health needs.

Celebrations, not sacrifices

Rude Health have always championed individuality when it comes to breakfast and they’ve used the new range to shout about that on pack. Clear and simple front of pack functional health messaging is crucial in the crowded healthy cereal’s fixture. Whatever healthy means to you, whether that’s low sugar, high fibre, gluten-free, organic or plant-based, Rude Health’s new range includes a choice for everyone, and it’s clearly highlighted on the front of pack.

Function doesn’t mean compromising on flavour. As with every Rude Health launch, using high quality and natural ingredients to ensure bright, bold flavours remains imperative. With Rude Health’s new range, the healthy choice will feel like a celebration, not a sacrifice and a delicious and nutritious start to the day is guaranteed. 

Perfectly paired for dairy-free 

Breakfast is the primary occasion for dairy-free drinkers. 83% of dairy-free drinkers are most likely to use dairy alternatives on cereals and porridge.Every cereal in Rude Health’s new range includes an on-pack dairy-free drink recommendation. The pairings were chosen after rigorous in-house taste tests, but the brand is encouraging people to fill their mornings with flavour by mixing and matching the range in whichever way they choose.

Accessible price points

Now more than ever, value is hugely important to consumers. Healthy shouldn’t be more expensive or mean lack of taste. The delicious new range is priced lower, between £2.50-£4, making it more accessible for a wider range of consumers.

Co-founder and Brand Director of Rude Health, Camilla Barnard says: ‘The wheels were in motion for this launch before we found ourselves at home for breakfast a lot this year, but that renewed focus on breakfast helped us to accelerate getting it onto shelves. We’re proud to deliver a range that provides what today’s consumers want; clear health messaging on pack, accessible price points, lots of plant-based options (The Ultimate Granola is the only SKU in the range not suitable for vegans) and all the while delivering on our brand promise of real taste and high quality. Brits have made enough sacrifices this year, now a delicious and nutritious breakfast doesn’t need to be another one.’

Rude Health’s new range launches in Waitrose and on the Rude Health website from October 5th, with other retailers including Ocado, Farm Drop, Wholefoods Market and Planet Organic to follow in November 2020.

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