056k3690Bounty, the UK’s largest parenting club will run a three-month campaign this spring in partnership with Coca-Cola and its Diet Coke Caffeine Free brand, aimed at 200,000 expectant and new mums across Great Britain.

The campaign will highlight the latest Food Standards Agency (FSA) advice, which recommends daily caffeine in-take be reduced from 300mg to 200mg a day during pregnancy. In support of this advice, samples of Diet Coke Caffeine Free will be carried in Bounty ‘Mum-to-be’ and ‘Baby Essentials’ packs.

The Bounty sample packs will be distributed during March, April and May, providing the brand with the opportunity to speak directly to pregnant women and new mums at a time when they are assessing what drinks are best for them and their babies.

Catherine Meo, Brand Manager of Diet Coke said, “Pregnancy is a wonderful experience, but  it’s also confusing for many women in terms of what food and drink they should be considering. Diet Coke Caffeine Free is a great alternative to diet Coke and allows women to continue having a treat during pregnancy without feeling guilty.”

She continued, “We know that new and expectant mums trust and value the advice and information provided by the Bounty Parenting Club, so working together on this project is a real step forward in clearing up concerns about caffeine intake.”

James Long, Media and Data Services Director of Bounty said, “This is a new and exciting partnership for Bounty. As one of the only marketing mediums that can engage with this highly targeted yet hard to reach consumer group, we are confident that Bounty will deliver high levels of engagement for Coca Cola’s Diet Coke Caffeine Free brand”.


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