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Bodega Olives have extended their range of premium olives through Sainsbury’s with the addition of a new ‘Lively’ variety, just in time for the summer. This new line will sit alongside Bodega’s ‘Fruity’ and ‘Mild’ varieties in-store. Bodega uniquely uses an Olive-o-Meter scale on pack which describes the flavour profile of their olives to shoppers; hence the product names.


‘Lively’ is a combination of green, meaty-textured Volos olives from Greece and petite Spanish black Cuquillos, which have a softer flesh and a deeper flavour. Together they are tossed in a little garlic and gently spiced paprika for a deliciously lively taste on the palate.

The addition of ‘Lively’ to our range in Sainsbury’s will provide an exciting new offer to shoppers during the key summer months” says Vaz Frigerio, Head Buyer at Bodega.

The olive market in UK grew by a staggering 21% in 2013, fuelled by a warmer than average summer. Expectations are that this sector will continue to thrive as olives become a regular feature of snacking and entertaining occasions throughout the year. This trend is driven by the association olives have with the good things in life; travel, a healthy Mediterranean lifestyle, sharing food and wine with family and friends and convenience.

“At Bodega we believe that there is an olive for everyone” says Frigerio, “you just have to pick the right one. We want consumers to move away from choosing olives on the basis that they are either green or black and to experience the full diversity of flavours and varieties available to them. Our Olive-O-Meter helps guide people towards the olive that will appeal best to their taste buds, as well as making it a fun, educational, foodie experience.”

After selecting from the best olive groves of Italy, Spain and Greece and Peru, Bodega lightly roll their olives in a little oil, just enough to enhance the flavour of the olives, so there is no mess. The packs include a pair of toothpicks and are perfect for sharing or eating on the go.

Bodega’s ‘Mild’ variety focuses on the delicately flavoured and perfectly balanced Sicilian Nocellara olive, which is an attractive bright green colour. This is infused with lemon oil and presented with lemon slices for a deliciously refreshing flavour. ‘Fruity’ combines the Nocellara olives with the deep purple, boldly fruity wine- flavoured Pervian Alfonso olive; a delicious double act.

Bodega Olives are available in Sainsbury’s.

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