ibos-basicFollowing the success of Exide Technologies’ 2100.Net battery management system, the battery and charger manufacturer has launched two additional systems, one of which is suitable for smaller fleets – iBOS Basic and iBOS Pro. iBOS stands for Intelligent Battery Organising System. The Basic version is designed for small to medium fleets of up to 31 chargers in the same group. iBOS Pro is ideal for medium to large fleets with over 31 chargers. iBOS maximises the life of a battery fleet by ensuring optimum use.

The beauty of Exide’s iBOS system is that it can be retrofitted to any fleet; there are no limitations on the make of chargers it is suitable for use with. The main function of iBOS is to ensure correct rotation and charging of batteries. It does this by monitoring charging regimes, advising operators of the next battery available and giving warnings if an incorrect battery is taken. It will also highlight faulty equipment.

iBOS Pro can manage an unlimited number of batteries and provides in-depth analysis reports – including remote access from anywhere in the world as long as an internet connection is available. Although the system collects huge amounts of data, it is capable of disseminating it into compact and user-friendly reports.

Jon Wells, Technical Projects Manager of Exide Technologies comments, “Incorrect battery charging and incorrect usage are the two main reasons for a short service life of a traction battery. Previously, the benefits of a battery charging management system were only within the reach of large organisations; now Exide brings these benefits to all users.”

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