Visitors to this year’s Speciality Food Show were able to compare their tasting skills with judges from the International Cheese Show, the Global Cheese Awards and the International Taste and Quality Institute. All of whom have issued new awards to Džiugas over the last year.


During this time Džiugas has not just been pleasing the judges, it has also increased its following in the UK to impressive new levels. Retailers have been turning to this award-winning Lithuanian cheese to bring a new look to their continental selection, while consumers are increasingly recognising and becoming fans of its distinctive qualities. Džiugas has a taste that combines a savoury strength with subtle fruity overtones and a texture that has a crystalline crunch inside its creamy smoothness. It is sold at a variety of maturities from 12, 18, 24 and 36 months. A recent expert panel said it had a Parmesan texture and a taste that was similar to a Gouda, but with nuttier flavours and caramel overtones.

Another benefit that those visiting the Džiugas stand were able to see, is the distinctive packaging, point of sale and merchandising material available. All reflect the instantly recognisable Džiugas style. Quality packaging and strong, stylish design makes all Džiugas marketing material as interesting and unique as the cheese itself. All of the material is themed around the legend behind the cheese which says the Giant Džiugas made it specially to celebrate his marriage. The secret recipe was passed on to local cheese-makers and so Džiugas is said to bring strength and joy to all who eat it.

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