Atkins and Potts, the award-winning family-run speciality food producer, has launched a branding update to celebrate the company’s seventh anniversary. All Atkins and Potts condiments, jellies, relishes, chutneys and mayonnaises are now in a new shape jar with updated labels.

The new jar is bespoke to Atkins and Potts and the cap is deeper than the cap previously used. Going forward these ranges that have previously been supplied in two different jars will be supplied in the same jar, giving the range a united brand feel.

The brand name takes a more prominent position on the new labels and the added strapline ‘Inspired Dining’ reflects the Atkins and Potts philosophy; adding inspirational finishing touches to classic recipes and meal occasions. Visibility of the product in the jar has been maintained showing the natural colours and great textures of real ingredients.

There have also been several recipe improvements. The Wasabi Mayonnaise and Sun-dried Tomato Mayonnaise recipes have been improved and there is a new Spiced Pear and Date Chutney now available.

Atkins and Potts has been established for over seven years in the village of Ball Hill, on the Hampshire/Berkshire border. Atkins and Potts creates, produces and distributes classic recipes for the contemporary palate. The owners, Nicola and Robert Young, both come from farming families and had both gone into the restaurant business before their tastes in good food and good company brought them together.

They married in 2004, and introduced their first range of gourmet dressings in 2005. Since then Robert and Nicola have created some great classic recipes and some modern innovations, whether for family dining or home entertaining. Their Inspired Dining range provides those special finishing touches so you and your guests can enjoy a restaurant quality gourmet meal at home.

Atkins and Potts have won British Great Taste Gold Awards for products across many of their product ranges:

• Red Onion & Jalapeno Relish

• Seafood Sauce with Lemon Zest & Dill

• Wasabi & Lime Dressing

• Hollandaise Sauce

• Tomato & Basil Pasta Sauce

• Mascarpone & Roast Garlic Pasta Sauce

• Beetroot & Horseradish Relish

• Balsamic Plum Chutney

• Kashmiri Korma World Sauce

• Purple Basil jam

• Chipotle Chilli Jam

Nicola Young explains their outlook, “The heart of our kitchen philosophy is the use of quality ingredients producing great flavours and textures. We use a lot of the key ingredients not just token amounts. Our ingredients are sourced on quality; price is the secondary consideration.”

Atkins and Potts has two product ranges – Inspired Dining and Relish The Idea.

The Inspired Dining products provide those finishing touches so that food lovers can enjoy a restaurant quality meal at home. This is a range of classic products with a contemporary flavour twist and packaging. The brand was launched in 2005 and now has over 100 products spanning 20 ranges including: Classic Condiments, Mayonnaises (all made with free range eggs), Relishes and Chutneys, Jellies, Chilli Dipping Sauces, Table Sauces, Marinades, Finishing Sauces, ready to cook World Sauces and Pasta Sauces, Gourmet Gravies, Gourmet Soups, Dressings, Syrups and Glazes, Chocolate Dippers and Spreads.

The Relish The Idea range focuses on providing versatile cooks’ ingredients and condiments for adventurous cooks, it is particularly popular with caterers and chefs. The range includes Savoury and Chilli Jams.

Everything is produced in Atkins and Potts’ own production kitchens in small batches by experienced cooks. The products are made in small batches to ensure they remain as close to home cooking style as possible.

A high percentage of key ingredients are used in the recipes. For example the Mascarpone & Roast Garlic pasta sauce contains 34% Mascarpone. Most of the Atkins and Potts products are vegetarian and all are gluten free.

The company’s flagship products include Hollandaise Sauce, Brandy & Three Peppercorn Sauce, Chipotle Chilli Jam and Rosehip Syrup.

Atkins and Potts supply multiple retailers in Ireland, Tesco UK, independent fine food outlets, delicatessens and farm shops throughout the UK and Ireland, and export to Asia, Sweden, Hungary, Portugal, the Far East and USA, as well as producing an extensive range of their products to the food-service and gifting/hamper sectors.

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