The combination of an Andrew’s chiller and a number of air handling units proved to be the most viable options for creating a temporary chilled storage environment in a new warehouse for a specialist UK chocolate manufacturer.


This application called upon the skills of Specialist Hire Division of Andrews Sykes to supply and install a totally integrated temporary cooling system.  Engineers from Andrews Sykes Specialist Hire team calculated that to achieve the required low temperature would require two 550kW chillers feeding eight 150kW air handling units. Each of the AHU is capable of delivering up to 20,160m3/h and they were strategically positioned to afford optimum air flow around the warehouse.

During installation engineers from the Specialist Hire Division sited the chiller and 2 x 800kVA generators as close as possible to the warehouse without restricting warehouse access and all internal pipework was specifically positioned to avoid disruption to warehouse staff as they went about their daily routine.

Andrews Sykes’ Specialist Hire Division operates with some of the most advanced equipment and has one of the largest fleet of chillers and air handling units. The extensive chillers range includes high capacity fluid chillers capable of delivering up to 750kW of normal cooling duty whilst individual AHU have a nominal cooling capacity of 600kW.

In providing short-term solutions for organisation looking to either supplement the work of an existing chiller installation or as a temporary replacement engineers, Andrews Chiller Hire will carry out a site survey to clearly understand the requirements and how best to achieve the required outcome. By providing 24/7, 365 day access to specialist engineering staff and with a nationwide network of more than 24 depots Andrews Sykes Specialist Hire Division is always able to provide an extremely prompt response – normally within 4 hours.

In an emergency situation a customer faces the possibility of losing many thousands of pounds through downtime or waste product. The ideal scenario is to pre-plan where possible as was the case with this chocolate manufacturer, realising that their new warehouse would require a short-term chiller solution.

In dealing with Andrews Sykes the chocolate manufacturer was assured of receiving a totally self-contained system, in addition to the normal hire equipment for which Andrews is renowned for this installation is supplied the 2 x 800kVa generators and a 6,000 litre bunded fuel tank.

Prior to the warehouse going operational, and during the early weeks of storage, the Andrews system was live, warm air in the warehouse drawn in the AHU, circulated over ‘cold’ coils which caused a drop in temperature, the much cooler air blasted back into warehouse.  This continuous cyclic process repeats to maintain set temperature.

Short-term hire for the new warehouse is indicative of the many successes Andrews Sykes Specialist Hire Division solves all year round, particularly when food manufacturers ramp up productivity to cope with increased seasonal demand, where they have to ensure adequate preservation of raw materials and some will also need additional temporary chilled storage.

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