Aldi is rolling out flow wrap packaging across its entire Glen Lochy block cheddar range in all 94 Scottish stores, reducing plastic waste by 50%.  

The new packaging is being introduced on all seven of the supermarket’s Glen Lochy Scottish cheddar block products from today Monday 30th November and will save approximately 13 tonnes of plastic a year in Scotland. 

Flow wrapping is a horizontal packaging technique used for both single and multipack applications. It minimises the amount of packaging, reducing plastic waste and the carbon footprint associated with the transport of goods. The new flow wrap packaging is replacing the previously used aplex packaging, commonly known as zip lock.

Luke Peech, Managing Director of Corporate Responsibility at Aldi UK, said: “The storage of perishable products such as dairy is often challenging and requires a balancing act between tackling food waste and reducing the amount of plastic we use. 

“The new packaging enables us to do both in a sustainable manner which represents an important step in our journey to reduce our carbon footprint and the volume of plastic packaging our company produces.” 

In July, Aldi trialled wrapping kitchen roll in recycled paper to save an estimated five tonnes of single use plastic from being thrown away in Scotland each year. This follows the supermarket’s pledge to remove two billion single items of plastic by 2025, halving the volume used in that time. The retailer has already removed 6,000 tonnes of plastic since 2019. 

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