BIU Group (formally known as Bag It Up) is one of the UK’s leading textile recycling organisations. The company’s unique service is a proven method for raising funds for local charities within local communities.


An increasing amount of retailers in the UK are realising the value of developing corporate partnerships with BIU. One such store is the Costcutter store in the village of Brean in Somerset, which in March 2014 agreed to host a textile recycling bank. This new partnership is set to raise vital funds for the local Dorset and Somerset Air Ambulance (DSAA) charity.

BIU has been working with DSAA since 2007 and has already helped raise £700,000 through recycling schemes across the region.

The operational cost of running the air ambulance in the region is £1.7 million per year, with each mission costing around £2,500. The helicopter, which can be anywhere within the region in as little as 19 minutes, is called upon on average three to four times a day. During the summer months however, this can increase to as many as eight.

The additional funds raised from the Costcutter store in Brean will go some way towards supporting the vital services DSAA provides in the region. Callum Wood, store manager at Costcutter said, “Our store is happy to support the DSAA and all the great work they do.”

Wendy Yarney, Charity Partnerships Manager at BIU said, “We would like to thank the Costcutter store in Brean for hosting a recycling bank for the DSAA. Stores like this make a big contribution to the £10,000 raised for DSAA every month. It’s great to see local residents are eager to support such a great charity by simply clearing out their wardrobes.”

BIU’s reputation for always delivering a high quality service is evident in the company’s growing customer base and its quality and environmental management systems (ISO 9001 and 18001).

The service BIU delivers is simple and highly effective with minimum effort for stores and site owners. Once the bank is installed BIU works with the store to help increase footfall, maximising awareness of the banks within local communities through events and the local media. The company also takes full responsibility for maintaining the recycling bank and the entire process including collection of textiles, warehousing, sale of items and distribution of funds.

BIU also has a patented textile bank design that combats theft with its unique locking technology. Banks are delivered in top condition and frequently emptied. With BIU’s tracking software application, every kilo put into each recycling bank can be traced from the point of donation through to final destination.

BIU and their charities operate using a partnership agreement, which ensures the charities receive maximum funds from each donation.

If your store can provide a community recycling service for your customers and your local charity, please contact Wendy Yarney, Charity Partnerships Manager, at



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