Union Industries, the UK’s leading manufacturer of bespoke industrial doors, has helped Hull-based, family-owned delivered food wholesaler, Turner Price, overcome energy cost challenges, through the installation of a new high-speed freezer door – the Eiger Door.

Left to right: Ashley Edmonds from Turner Price and Rob Howe from Union Industries.

Turner Price is one of the largest members of the Country Range Group and has expertise in UK foodservice distribution, global exports, and offshore and ship supplies.

Its recent growth success has come through its commitment to investment in personnel, infrastructure, and digital technologies. Turner Price’s UK division sells food, drink, consumables, kitchen essentials and tableware items to more than 2,500 catering professionals across Yorkshire and the Humber, the East Midlands and the North East.

The Eiger Door has replaced a poor-performing sliding freezer door which, due to high levels of usage and slow opening and closing speeds, was leading to increased energy usage to maintain the temperature at Turner Price’s cold storage facility in Hull.

Since its launch in 2002, the Eiger Door has been installed as a fast-access traffic door at major food retailers, 3PL cold storage and distribution, and frozen food manufacturers across the UK.

The Eiger Door ensures that consistent temperatures can be maintained and features an innovative dehumidification system, which prevents snow and ice build-up on the door blade and frame. This feature tackles a consistent issue plaguing other door types, as the freezer encounters humid ambient air entering the cold store.

Minimising downtime is also supported by the Eiger Door’s robust construction and its tried and tested crash-out and reset system, which has proven very popular since its first inception in 1991. Due to the modest difference in size between Forklift Trucks and the door opening, as well as the busy nature of this freezer, this is of particular benefit at this depot when considering the long term reliability of the Eiger Door.

Steve Potter, Operations Controller at Turner Price, said: “We are thrilled to support British manufacturing by procuring our first Eiger Door from Union Industries.

“Given the increasing costs of energy, we decided to go for Union Industries’ doors, which are dependable, safe and guaranteed to reduce energy costs and maintain productivity. Not only will this investment result in longer term cost savings, but also will contribute to our strategy of reducing our carbon footprint across our operations. Based on the performance of the Eiger Door, and our experience with Union Industries to date, we consider them our first point of call for any High Speed Doors going forward.”

Rob Howe, Union Industries’ Technical Sales Engineer, said: “We are pleased that once again the Eiger Door is the first choice for those in the food industry as they tackle rising energy prices. Maintaining consistent freezer temperatures, while ensuring unimpeded access to cold stores, is essential for companies like Turner Price, and the Eiger Door’s robust design ensures minimal maintenance and can withstand constant high-volume operations.”

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