InnOrbit, led by Dr Ketan Joshi, creates functional products following Ayurvedic Principles, using Natural Herbs and Spices from the Himalayas. Ketan works alongside a team of experts (including an Herbalist, an Ayurveda Expert, a Medical Doctor, a Pharmacist …) to launch the products globally. The first products are a range of infusions, and other products will be launched during 2011 and beyond and this article talks about the journey that Ketan took to do this.

The Quest for Health
Ketan Joshi has 20 years experience in creating and launching Innovative Food & Drink products globally for large FMCGs.

He explained to us how the InnOrbit journey began: “I witnessed the health ‘revolution’ first hand and how the big food companies were focusing on new scientific findings and breakthrough ingredients.  I was also aware of the growing interest in traditional natural remedies.  The benefits of these plants and herbs were being ‘rediscovered’ by the world, science was playing catch-up to create products to help with vitality and better health, and this is where the InnOrbit journey began!”

The Journey
Between 2006 and 2008, the InnOrbit team went to the mountains of North India, where we lived with the the locals who lead a healthy lifestyle, based on Ayurveda, using plants, herbs and spices with beneficial ingredients for different functions including energy, weight management and memory enhancement, blood purification, Observations, discussions and interviews enabled InnOrbit to collect valuable information and samples of the plants being used by the local people.  Armed with this data, they approached the leading Traditional Ayurvedic doctors and began working with them to create proprietary blends -using pure Herbs and Spices from the region.

Infusions were the first of the InnOrbit range of Ayurvedic products to be launched.  Every part of the process is 100% natural, using back to basics methods: wild handpicked herbs, which are sun-dried, cleaned, hand-cut, blended and packed. In this way, InnOrbit are designing products that are meeting the demand in the growing Alternative Health Market sector, based on the Ayurvedic principles

The Infusions – The first products
One of the many advantages of an infusion is that the delivery of the active ingredients into the blood stream is fast.

Ayurvedic Up&Go
, Ayurvedic Slim&Fit, Ayurvedic Young&Fun and Ayurvedic Calm&Relax comprise the first range of infusions developed, containing sophisticated blends of Herbs and Spices which have been used for centuries for different functions including:

  • Weight Control;
  • Energy Boosting and Recovery;
  • Relaxation and Stress Relief;
  • Memory and Concentration Enhancement.

InnOrbit have also carefully designed unique “Pillow” Packs and Formats, which  have wide appeal.

Shoot for the Stars
For 2011, InnOrbit have taken their Ayurvedic Up&Go infusion and concentrated it into a 60 ml shot.

InnOrbit Ayurvedic Up&Go Shot is designed for an Instant Energy Boost to keep you Alert for at least 3 hours after consumption… without the crash.

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