A G Barr, manufacturer of the Rockstar energy range, is introducing yet another profit opportunity for retailers with the launch of a new variant in the UK.

The brand is adding a Fruit Punch variant to its already popular Rockstar Punched range. Rockstar Punched Fruit Punch is the brand’s second fastest growing product in the USA* and the number two SKU in Canada.**

“We’re sure that Rockstar Punched Fruit Punch will go down a storm in the UK,” says Adrian Troy, A G Barr’s Head of Marketing. “The Rockstar Punched range has already developed a loyal following – Rockstar Punched Guava has the third best rate of sale of all product lines in the ‘large can energy’ category and is the market’s leading fruit flavour***.

“Rockstar fruit flavours also make up four of the top six products in the large can energy category, reinforcing the fact that consumers rate fruit variants highly and appreciate having a wide range of flavours to choose from.***

“This factor, coupled with the existing success of Rockstar Punched Fruit Punch in the USA and Canada, means we are confident that the new variant will fly off the shelves.”

The launch will build on Rockstar’s current success – the brand is experiencing a growth rate of +36 per cent YOY.***

“NPD is essential for driving growth in the energy category, and innovation is therefore the lifeblood of the Rockstar brand,” says Troy. “Rockstar has seen a number of successful launches in the UK in recent years, and the launch of Rockstar Punched Fruit Punch is sure to drive both brand loyalists and new shoppers to the energy drinks fixture.”

Currently valued at £933m, the energy market is growing at +13 per cent YOY****, meaning there is plenty of scope for brand growth within this buoyant market – and endless profit opportunities for retailers.

“The launch marks the start of another year of brand investment for Rockstar including our continued sponsorship of MOTO GP racer Jorge Lorenzo, reinforcing our determination to drive incremental sales for retailers,” says Troy.

The new launch will add to the wide range of Rockstar variants currently available, suitable for a long list of usage occasions. Rockstar launched with Original and Juiced 500ml variants in the UK in 2007, and has since expanded the range to include Guava Punched and Energy Cola which was the UK’s first cola-flavoured energy drink.

The brand continued to grow with the introduction of Rockstar Recovery, the UK’s first non-carbonated energy drink which is designed for re-hydration and thirst replenishment.

Last year, Rockstar launched Rockstar Pink, the first energy drink to be targeted specifically at women. Containing just 10 calories and served in a 355ml can, it is proving popular with women seeking an energy boost without the associated high sugar content. Rockstar Xdurance, another new launch, is designed to prepare consumers for extreme mental and physical performance.

Rockstar Punched Fruit Punch is available in 500ml cans, in outers of 12.

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** PBC daily Sales YTD wk 41 2011

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