Latest AC Nielsen research, MAT year ending 18 April 2009 shows Reh Kendermann brands are bucking the recession with substantially increased sales, despite the toughest economic climate for decades.

The leading exporter of branded German wines world wide, the company’s Black Tower brand, the UK’s top selling German wine brand has continued its ever upward sales trend, demonstrating the power of the brand to draw more new consumers.

Total off trade sales volume of Black Tower were up 14% in the multiple sector versus just 2% for the overall sector. Black Tower is the overall no.14 best selling white wine brand in the UK off trade.

Black Tower Rosé is now no.10 best selling UK off trade rosé brand, with the 75cl growing at 19% versus the overall rosé sector at 12% and the brand’s 25cl Rosé rising a staggering 87%, versus all others at only 8%. Black Tower is the first and only producer of commercial German Rosés, and now has a 18.7cl size available.

Reh Kendermann was the first non-Italian company to introduce a commercial level Pinot Grigio, and its Black Tower Pinot Grigio has proved to be most successful with listings in all trade channels, joining the ranks of other Pinot Grigio wines as the fastest growing white wine varietal at 10%, and still the second most popular grape varietal after chardonnay.


Kendermanns, the number one German wine brand in the UK’s on trade and the number three German wine brand in the UK’s off trade, is the winner of more national and international awards than any other German wine brand.  It is thanks to the awards won by the Kendermanns range and the innovation of this uniquely German wine brand that Carl Reh was recently awarded the honour of “National Wine Businessman of the Year” at this year’s international Meininger Awards.  Carl Reh was one of only five personalities to receive the international prize for outstanding contributions to the wine and spirits business.

Kendermanns is launching its first on pack collarette promotion targeted at ABC1 consumers, men and women, aged 25+ to draw more new consumers to the brand. The on pack sweepstake competition provides strong retail support throughout key summer and pre-Xmas sales periods, ending 31 December ’09.

The promotion will feature on pack and online: www.kendermanns.co.uk offering a luxury oasis getaway to exotic MARRAKECH, at 5-Star Le Meridien N’Fis, and state-of-the-art Sony W220 Cybershot digital cameras as runner up prizes.


Produced by Reh Kendermann, Weight Watchers® wines have also put in very strong performance, with total off trade sales volume of the wine brand up a further 15% year on year (source AC Nielsen 18 April 09.) The Weight Watchers brand is now the no.14 grocery brand with a retail value of over £245 million and growth of 10.8% year on year (source TNS Data March 09). TNS figures show the brand has 56% of  total UK household penetration, up 6.9% on the previous year, and a massive 95% brand awareness.

Comments Nik Schritz, managing director Reh Kendermann: “Given the fierce competition for market share, the weakness of sterling and challenges of the economic climate, plus the impact of yet more duty increases, this is an outstanding performance and demonstrates the power of these innovative, quality brands to attract ever increasing numbers of target consumers.”

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