Le Stagioni d’Italia now on shelves in Sainsbury’s and Asda

Italy’s premier pasta brand Le Stagioni d’Italia has secured a place in the UK market, launching its range of pasta and rice products in selected Sainsbury’s and Asda stores, in the HORECA channel and on e- commerce platforms.

Originally due to launch later in the year, Le Stagioni d’ Italia has brought forward its UK entry to support the growing demand for dried pasta products since the country went into lockdown in March.

Made with 100 per cent Italian wheat from Italy’s largest agricultural family Bonifiche Ferraresi, the range creates an authentic taste of Italy straight from the fields, offering consumers a choice of high quality and sustainable food products with full traceability.

The extensive traditional range includes penne rigate spaghetti, fusilli and rigatoni in the retailer channel, but even more formats available in the HORECA and sold on-line, all available in 500g recyclable paper bags.

Customers can also buy the finest Italian Arborio and Carnaroli rice for risottos, as well as Le Stagioni’s signature Senatore Cappelli pasta range.

Senatore Cappelli is made from a native Italian variety of wheat of the same name. Virtually unmodified, the product is easier to digest.

Le Stagioni d’Italia products are now available from selected Sainsbury’s stores priced from around £1.50 for pasta products and £2.60 for rice.

The Senatore Cappelli range of products is available exclusively in Asda stores priced from £1.50.

Lorenzo Fontana, Export Manager in Bonifiche Ferraresi for Le Stagioni d’Italia said: “Not all pasta tastes the same and great taste is dependent upon two main factors, the quality of the ingredients used and the final production process.

“At Le Stagioni d’ Italia and the Bonifiche Ferraresi estate, great care is taken at every stage of the process.

“From the initial seed selection, to the harvest of the finest wheat and manufacturing using bronze drawing and slow drying at low temperatures in order to preserve the quality of the durum wheat.

“The result of which is delicious pasta with the perfect texture and taste that you’d expect to see served in an Italian restaurant.

“We are proud to bring our range of pasta and rice products to the UK and at a time when mealtimes and sharing good food has never been more important, we hope that UK families and pasta lovers enjoy an authentic taste of Italy in their homes.”

Le Stagioni d’Italia was launched in Italy in 2018 to marry a century and a half of historical agricultural production with high quality and sustainable Italian food products which could be enjoyed at home.

Le Stagioni’s range of products have been brought to the UK market in partnership with distributer Worldwide Food Associates (WFA).

Eric Woods, Managing Director at WFA, added: “Pasta has become one of the most sought-after foods during lockdown, thanks to its long shelf life and versatility. Not only is Le Stagioni d’Italia meeting this demand, it is also carving out a space for premium pasta products which are affordable and taste great.

“Sainsbury’s and Asda are two of the leading UK supermarkets and we hope that the partnerships with these retailers, will open up Italy’s premier pasta brand to a new customer base here in the UK.”

More about the Le Stagioni d’Italia range of products can be found here.

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