Valued at £629 million, the cough, cold, flu and allergy remedies has performed well over the past year, rising in value by around 6% between 2012 and 2013. In 2012, growth was driven by the cold and flu category, with innovations in branded products driving growth. The more extreme weather of 2013, with a colder winter and a warmer spring/summer, impacted the allergy category by triggering higher pollen levels which remained high throughout the warm seasons. The allergy category therefore saw growth in sales of 20% in 2013, however, with no warnings issued from the Met Office by March 2014, it is unlikely that 2014 will show a repeat performance in the allergy category.

mintellogoExclusive consumer research finds hayfever (37%) tops the list of Britain’s non food allergies, meanwhile, as many as a fifth (21%) of the nation suffer a dust allergy. Some 14% of Brits are allergy sufferers – but are unaware of the cause, while chemicals in cosmetics products are in issue for 13% of consumers who say they have suffered an allergic reaction from these. Our four legged friends are a problem for 14% of Brits who have suffered a reaction from pets. Finally, more than one in ten (13%) consumers have suffered some other kind of non food reaction. Overall, three in ten (30%) Brits suffer some kind of non food allergy.

The research reveals Britain’s young are the most likely to be the nation’s hay fever sufferers. Indeed, today, more than four in ten 16 – 34 year olds suffer from hay fever or a pollen reaction with a staggering 47% of 25-34 year olds having suffered this kind of allergy in the past 12 months. By contrast, hay fever causes the least problem to those aged 65 and over, less than a quarter (23%) of this group suffering this kind of reaction.

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