In recent years consumers have become far more adventurous than ever before, looking to replicate their favourite restaurant dishes at home and seeking out flavours that offer a point of difference versus traditional barbecue.

Grace Foods, the UK’s leading supplier of Caribbean food and drink,*1 boasts a broad range of products and ingredients ideal for the barbecue season, including spices, seasonings and coconut products under the Dunn’s River brand, Grace Aloe Vera drinks, and hot pepper sauce range, Encona.

“Shoppers are looking to bring their favourite flavours from around the globe into their kitchen, and Caribbean food and drink is becoming increasingly popular as a result of this trend for exotic flavours,” says Adam Reader, Managing Director at Grace Foods UK.

“Barbecues are the perfect occasion for consumers to showcase their love of spice and flavour, and Grace Foods is well placed to cater to this demand. “For example, Grace Jamaican Jerk BBQ Sauce is ideal for marinating, and offers a great introduction to jerk for those that are cautious of spice.”

Dunn’s River provides a range of marinades and seasonings versatile enough to use on any meat or vegetables, to give barbecue foods extra flavour. A particular favourite with consumers is Dunn’s River Jerk Seasoning Marinade, available in standard and mild variants, providing authentic and traditional Jamaican flavour straight from the island itself.

Encona, the UK’s no.1 hot pepper sauce*2 range, is perfect for barbecue season, offering a diverse range of sauces that can be used as a table sauce, dressing or dip, as well as a marinade or additional ingredient. Bestsellers from the range include West Indian Extra Hot Pepper Sauce, which has grown at over 23% in the last year.*3

Other bestselling variants include Jamaican Jerk BBQ and Texan Chilli BBQ sauces; both of which capture popular flavours from around the world with a smoky barbecue taste.

The types of foods consumers choose to eat when they barbecue are also changing, and with the trend toward vegetarian or ‘flexitarian’ diets on the rise, consumers are expanding their selection of food to include more grilled vegetables and salads. This presents an ideal opportunity for flavours and spice to come to the fore.

“In recent years, there has also been a growth in retailers looking to maximise the opportunity that seasonality presents by dedicating more space to seasonal events and products, and utilising dedicated POS to drive purchase,” Reader continues. “We’re encouraging retailers to recognise the opportunity presented by the barbecue season.”

Off-shelf opportunities are especially important at this time of year for retailers to tap into impulse purchases, and dual-merchandising brands such as Encona next to the barbecue fixture or on branded merchandising units will help to drive seasonal sales.

“We continue to educate consumers about Encona usage occasions by highlighting the versatility of our sauces, and showing that it can be used as a cooking ingredient or marinade as well as a table sauce,” Reader concludes.

Last year, a limited edition Encona Carolina Reaper Chilli Sauce was announced, available in a 142ml glass bottle format (RRP £1.49 / case sizes of 6) and featuring the Carolina Reaper chilli, blended with tomatoes, garlic, cumin and orange to create a well-rounded, fiery and fruity flavour.

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