snv33015Farmfoods are specialist frozen food retailers operating over 300 outlets throughout Great Britain. This competitive environment requires low capital cost and low operating facilities. The future implications of the Carbon Reduction Commitment program also have to be addressed.

EcoCooling were called in to advise on energy reduction and to provide an alternative to air conditioning in the stores where possible.

A significant component of operating cost for the stores is the cost of air conditioning. Food is stored in Novum freezer cabinets which give out heat as part of their operation. The existing cooling option is to use conventional ‘split’ air conditioners to keep the store cool. Since the Novum freezers run 24 hours per day 7 days per week there is a continuous requirement for cooling and the refrigeration based air conditioning consumes over 50% of a typical store’s electricity use.

A typical store uses 60kW of air conditioning equipment which can be replaced by 2 EcoCoolers with a control system which enables the air conditioning, if any in store temperature or humidity parameters are not met. This can cut electricity costs for cooling by up to 90%.

The management of humidity levels is critical in this type of application to minimize condensation on the single glazed Novum freezer lids. A control system was specially developed to manage the ventilation and evaporative cooling modes to address this issue.

A number of Farmfoods stores have an intranet based building management system which has shown electricity saving of over 50% where EcoCooling has been employed.

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