p6300010.jpgWhen Somerfield undertook the mammoth project of consolidating more than 1000 stores across the country under the Somerfield fascia it selected suppliers carefully to ensure that it could deliver a consistently high quality shopping experience to its customers, and UK electric heating market leader Dimplex helped to create the right environment in-store.

As part of Somerfield’s development plans, existing stores were being refurbished and new ones built nationwide, including  a store refurbishment and extension in Wareham, Dorset, and a new build store in Aberystwyth, Ceredigion. Dimplex CAB15E 1.5m air curtains with energy saving thermostatic control were specified in both stores, with the Wareham installation surface-mounted, while the Aberystwyth store incorporated the air curtains recessed in the ceiling.

The Somerfield store in Wareham is a Market Fresh convenience store, which places an emphasis on high quality fresh foods. The volume of fresh food, combined with a store layout with multiple entrances, means that control over the internal environment is essential, with an effective curtain of air required between the interior of the shop and the noise, cold (or heat, in summer) and pollution of the outside environment. Three Dimplex air curtains have been installed over separate entrances to ensure that the interior of the store remains regulated, hygienic and comfortable for shoppers.

The new Somerfield store in Aberystwyth incorporates two Dimplex recessed air curtain units, each featuring a thermostatic controller for optimum energy saving. The air curtains fit easily into the suspended ceilings for an unobtrusive, streamlined look in keeping with the modern feel of the new store.

A spokesperson for Somerfield comments, “We specify the Dimplex air curtains across Somerfield stores nationwide. The equipment is of an extremely high quality, but what’s just as important to us is the high level of customer service and after-sales support we get from Dimplex. We trust the company and its people to work with us to deliver effective and tailored solutions.”

The installations were carried out by Cardiff-based Gomer Electrical, who explains: “The Dimplex air curtains offer reliable performance with an aesthetically pleasing design. We have used them in a variety of commercial settings and Dimplex’s three-year guarantee ensures our customers are happy with the equipment installed. In fact, for Somerfield we used Dimplex convector heaters for offices and staff rooms as well.”
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