ishot-groupAll Day Energy Ltd is set to raise the bar in the fast-growing energy shots market as it launches its exciting new product, iShot.

iShot is distinct from its competitor products in a multi-million pound market, thanks to its unrivalled taste and prolonged energising effects. It contains no sugar or sodium so it does not give the crash that’s associated with drinks with a high sugar content.

iShot has been scientifically developed with a unique combination of B Vitamins, Amino Acids, antioxidants and herbs – it is a stimulating range of liquid energy products designed for working people with active lifestyles who could benefit from heightened alertness, focus and energy.

Kursat Uysal, Managing Director of All Day Energy Ltd, said: “Most people need an energy boost when juggling the demands of day to day living, such as working late at the office or being on the road. Good nutrition, rest and regular exercise are the best ways to stay alert, however sometimes we need that added boost.

“iShot has been carefully blended to provide a natural energy kick when people need it most. Some energy drinks contain up to 15 teaspoons of sugar, however iShot contains zero sugar, zero sodium and is low in calories, so it delivers the boost without the crash.

“Our energy shots draw on the invigorating properties of herbs like Green Tea, Siberian Ginseng and Guarana, to help increase your energy levels and focus naturally. They contain a big boost of vitamin B Complex to enhance energy production along with amino acids for focus, stamina, glucose polymers to help restore energy levels and powerful anti-oxidants that neutralise toxins and improve health.”

96% of participants in an Energy Survey reported experiencing significant increases in energy levels over a five hour period, and said they would definitely purchase the product.

The survey was conducted in the development stages of iShot and participants ranged from 18 – 50 years with varying lifestyles and occupations.

The uniqueness of iShot sets it apart from rival products and is currently available as a 60ml shot in two ranges: iShot All Day and iShot Decaff – ACAI BERRY for those sensitive to caffeine.

iShot All Day is available in original and Acai Berry  flavour, which is unique to All Day Energy Ltd and provides the consumer with a distinct taste and pleasant after-taste, unlike many other products. iShot All Day Original also achieved the highest taste score in the Energy Survey with no medicinal after taste. iShot Decaff is the first zero caffeine energy shot in the UK with Acai Berry.

Highly attractive and minimalist, iShot’s branding and packaging have been developed using the latest technology and trends, including a matt black surface finish, reflecting its quality and consumer appeal. Its double tamper evidence system safeguards against in-store tampering and it is also packed into smaller six pack boxes to maximise shelf space and the variety of displays.

iShot is produced in the UK offering flexibility and full UK technical support, with multiple location warehousing.

Kursat added: “We decided to initially launch iShot at the Convenience Retail Show in March, as this is where our target market would be and would provide an opportunity for us to meet our potential partners in the wholesaling and distribution of this exciting new product.”

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