WOW Micro Leaf, the living micro leaf brand from VHB, has launched a new concept for chefs and food service.


The new micro leaf concept consists of unique innovative packaging which extends shelf life and provides added value and convenience for chefs.

All of the micro leaves are living which delivers optimum freshness. The new packaging, which is a UK first, temporarily slows the growth of the micro leaves which extends the shelf life and helps the product to stay fresh and full of flavour for even longer. The micro leaves are grown in a soil free medium which means they are clean to prepare and cook with in the kitchen.

The product comes in new convenient pull out boxes which can be easily stacked in the fridge to help save space. The low sided punnet is designed to make the leaves easy to snip and use, reducing handling and additional bruising and damage. The boxes are conveniently labelled at the end, making it easier and quicker to identify each variety while in the fridge.

Two Michelin star chef Daniel Clifford, of Midsummer House, Cambridge, visited VHB’s nursery in West Sussex to mark the launch and product in its new packaging was delivered to a selection of chefs in London, including Claude Bosi – Hibiscus, Bruce Poole – The Glasshouse, Paul Gayler – The Lanesborough, Alex Craciun – Pollen Street Social and Braden Charlesworth – Flemings. Other chefs from around the country were also provided with product to trial.

Daniel Clifford said: “Micro herbs and leaves are a fantastic way to add impact to a plate of food. The key for me when sourcing any ingredient is that it needs to deliver the best possible flavour and to do that it needs to be as fresh as you can get it. Living micro herbs are ideal because they are living, breathing plants right until you snip them for use in a dish. You can’t get much fresher than that! Like many chefs my fridge space is precious and the new packaging makes life a lot easier because you can stack it so easily.”

Grown in VHB’s nursery in West Sussex, the micro leaves are grown in Britain all year round. The range, made up of five products, is available in the new unique box which contains four punnets:

• Peashoots

• Rocket

• Garlic Chive

• Red Amaranth

• Purple Shiso

• A mixed box containing Shiso, Red Amaranth, Rocket and Watercress

WOW Micro Leaf is available through Compass Group UK & Ireland. For enquiries please contact VHB and see for more information. A new Twitter handle has also been launched @wowmicroleaf to help generate further engagement with chefs and food service.

WOW Micro Leaf

Twitter: @wowmicroleaf

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