A serious accident has taken place. The contractor, who has only been working on site a couple of days, is hurt. What is their name? Who is their site manager? Who is their ICE (in case of emergency) contact? Are they on any medication? These questions need to be quickly identified in an emergency.


Scafftag®, part of Brady’s SFID (Safety, Facilities and Identification) division, supply Worker ID tags which securely stores critical and potentially lifesaving ID information. The non-obtrusive tag can be attached to the worker on equipment such as a hard hat.

The tags are essential in the event of a serious accident or medical emergency, providing personal information, employer information, family details and information on any medical conditions or medications.

It is essential to write personal details such as name and job title, along with the employers name and contact number so that they can be contacted quickly. It is not compulsory to complete the medical condition/medication section, however this could be extremely helpful in an emergency – paramedics that arrive at the scene can then take the appropriate action fast.

The tags are 100% waterproof and are easily fitted to the exterior of a workers hard hat, clothing or equipment such as a harnesses and belts. The tags are being used in industries such as construction, oil & gas, utilities, high risk, rail & transport and forestry.



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