• Whitworths has redesigned its range with 100% recyclable packaging
  • The UK leader in dried fruits, nuts and seeds, has launched a new online shop to make its product more accessible for independent businesses as well as consumers

Whitworths is leading the way in the dried fruits and nuts category with the redesign of its packs to be 100% recyclable. Putting sustainability at the heart of the redesign, the brand has pledged to reduce plastic usage by five tonnes. The vibrant new packaging, made up of two layers of 100% recyclable polyethylene film, is natural and contemporary and heros the quality of the product. Each pack will celebrate the products versatility with modern day suggestions. These suggestions encourage consumers to enjoy the products in a new yet, simple way and follow healthier lifestyles. Suggestions include using our products as a topping on porridge or adding to no-bake breakfast bars.

Whitworths has already started phasing the new packaging into key retailers, which is part of a continued ambition to incorporate recycled materials where possible in the future.

As well as launching new packaging, Whitworths products will be available on the brand’s new online shop for consumers and businesses to purchase with no minimum order. This is the first time Whitworths is making its products available for independent businesses, including retailers, village bakeries and manufacturers, with a variety of products on offer, including Whitworths label products as well as raw materials for businesses to purchase in bulk. Giving the brand a more direct line of purchase with smaller businesses, as well as consumers, the new website is simple to use, quick and easy to order from, with fast delivery all over the UK.

Phil Gowland, Commercial Director at Whitworths comments, We are excited to announce our new online shop, allowing us to reach consumers directly with new ideas as well as providing businesses the opportunity to more easily access our bulk branded and raw material products. The redesign, and online store, are further examples of us moving this much loved brand forward and trying to make it more relevant to today’s needs. Most importantly we hope this allows more people to enjoy dried fruit, nuts and seed products. The redesign, and online store, plays a huge role in our new phase of substancial growth, following 73% growth since the end of 2016 which added 1.7m additional shoppers. 82% of our growth over this time has been incremental to our category.”

Phil continues, “Our business approach is always consumer-led, and we’ve taken into consideration consumer needs around sustainability to ensure we’re giving customers packaging that’s recyclable. Reducing plastic usage is a big focus for the business and we’re proud to be making this pledge to cut plastic by five tonnes.”

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