Thorworld Industries has launched a new microsite,, to act as an information hub about all aspects of container ramps, targeted at anybody needing to know more about these versatile loading and unloading devices.

Container ramps are commonly used where a dedicated, raised loading bay area is not available, in order to enable loading and unloading by forklift trucks in a safe, speedy and effective manner. Even so, there are plenty of variables for container ramp users to consider, and that is where Thorworld believes its new microsite can make a difference.

With over 30 years’ experience in the industry, Thorworld is sharing its expertise to provide key pointers on what to look out for to get the best results in the loading area.  The microsite provides essential hints and tips on such aspects as “Why Choose a Container Loading Ramp?” and “Selecting the Right Mobile Ramp.”

Amongst the elements covered are whether a ramp should be rented or bought outright, the best safety accessories to add, and what quality standards and accreditations to look for.

The site also includes a section outlining some of the many bespoke installations that Thorworld has designed for customers, highlighting the importance of matching the solution to the specific requirements of what is being loaded and where.

With a strong logistics chain a key component of operational efficiency, the flexibility of container ramps are increasingly making the devices a popular choice for safe, effective and cost-efficient loading and unloading.

John Meale, managing director of Thorworld Industries, explains, “Container ramps, or yardramps, can be an immensely useful aid to warehouse operators, especially where there is no dedicated area such as a loading dock.

“Nonetheless, the range of options can be daunting, and a simple error when specifying a ramp can compromise efficiency or even safety.

“That’s why we have pooled Thorworld’s expertise, garnered over three decades in the industry, to provide an online arena where operations managers can find everything they need to make an informed purchase.”

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