The Cool Chile Company was the inspiration of food entrepreneur Dodie Miller in 1993. Having a fascination about chillies (perhaps even a mild obsession?!), she travelled throughout Mexico and started up a small import business from a flat in London. Her vision was to start importing a wide variety of the highest quality dried chillies direct from farmers in Mexico and to provide the UK with an innovative new range of flavours and heat sensations for authentic Mexican home cooking. As a result the Cool Chile Company was born… ‘Chile’ being how Mexican Spanish speakers spell chilli.


The chilli varieties sold well in market stalls such as Portobello and then in Borough Market. Following that success, the team went on another fact-finding trip to Mexico to research and taste (but mainly taste!). Hungry to re-create authentic flavours in the UK, a range of herbs, salsas, sauces and pastes were developed. In 2005 investment was made in a new tortilla machine but after three years, and a long faithful service, she could not keep up with increasing demand and was replaced with “El Monstruo”, which now runs seven days a week, producing 3,500 corn tortillas every hour. They’re gluten and preservative free, meaning a shorter shelf life than those elsewhere but also a much fresher product, freshly made to order. One of the company’s signature (and most popular) products – these totillas are now sold in many  of London’s top restaurants as well as to retailers and consumers.

From its offices and manufacturing premises in North London, the company has grown and expanded to now accommodate over 20 staff. This is complemented by a constant flow of innovation and creativity, resulting in a great range of Mexican foods aimed at the amateur, intermediate and advanced cooks alike – each with their own ranges offering various levels of complexity. From simpler mix and stir solutions to some partly-prepared offerings all the way through to profesional packets full of raw ingedients.

With a split between wholesale sector supplying restaurants and outlets through to a busy retail sector,  Cool Chile provides solutions for everyone interested in recreating the authentic Mexican flavour across London, UK and mainland Europe.

The company is constantly at the forefront of experimenting, exploring, trialling, creating and launching new delicious flavours and products to cook up a Mexican feast. Regular recipes and ideas are published on the website, popped into orders and online.

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