Inside Men, the new prime-time drama on the BBC about a cash counting house heist, has been using high speed note counting machines provided by Coventry based Cummins Allison Limited.  

Andrew Crowson, Managing Director of Cummins Allison UK, was contacted last June by a member of the BBC Drama team to provide sufficient numbers of the right machines to create the set.

Cummins Allison not only provided the machines but also trained the actors in the correct use of the cash counting equipment to ensure authenticity. Cummins Allison’s knowledgeable staff also helped with advice on what the inside of a counting house looked like, and even ended up with one of their service engineers being hired as an extra to use the machines during filming.

“We had a great couple of days on set helping to prepare for filming,” said Andrew, “and we even met with Steven Mackintosh, the star of the show. One of our service engineers was on hand during filming to ensure that the machines didn’t interrupt the tight filming schedule, and although the majority of the money used in the film was fake a small proportion of it had to be genuine for it to be counted through our machines – because of our equipment’s highly sophisticated counterfeit detection.”

Cummins Allison has a range of coin sorters and note counters which are used by a wide variety of industries not just banking and security but leisure and gaming, retail, vending, parking and public transport.

The BBC hired two of the large Cummins Allison MPS machines, high speed note sorters which are able to process up to 1,000 notes per minute, and 20 of the smaller JetScans which can process up to 1,200 notes per minute.

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