Summer is an enjoyable time for most people in Britain, even though we have to go out to work and do other things besides what we really want to do, namely to relax and chill out. The prevailing mood is lighter, the sunshine and warmth are welcome and cheering and even the rain showers, when they inevitably come, are refreshing.

Charles-New-GreyBut summer is a different scenario for parents, grandparents and others involved with caring for babies and young children. The little ones come first and things have to be done promptly. Even if working parents are lucky enough to have grandparents and others to help with the childcare, babies and young children still need to be looked after properly, which means stocking up on food, drinks, nappies, wipes, baby clothes, baby equipment and the rest.

The rest of us can get away with wearing fewer clothes because of the higher temperatures. But when you have to look after babies and young children, in our changeable climate a day out or an overnight visit means having to take raingear and several changes of clothes for the little ones, on top of all the usual baby kit. You have to take even more with you if you go on holiday, whether it’s in the UK or a foreign trip involving long distance travel.

As any parent knows, babies and kids don’t believe in holding back at any time! They let you know exactly how they feel and make you deal with it promptly. They get bad tempered when the temperature rises: like plants in the garden, they get thirsty and have to be kept hydrated. They are liable to overheat and get heat rashes, which make them uncomfortable and irritable.

When it’s hot babies and kids get bothered by insects and have to be protected from them and covered up. They don’t sleep well in high temperatures and wake even earlier than usual, if that’s their way. But most of all, in the heat changing nappies is an even less pleasant chore than usual.

Babies at nappy stage need changing more often and used nappies need to be got rid of urgently…

All this spells good news for the supermarkets, Co-ops and convenience store chains. Baby and kids products aren’t discretionary purchases – you’ve just got to have these items!

Consumers will buy baby and kids products wherever they can find them: on line and in larger supermarkets and co-ops, for planned purchases, and when the need arises, in smaller convenience format stores and even in petrol forecourts attached to supermarkets.

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