Tesco has published its annual food waste data, revealing 63% more food was redistributed to charities, community groups, colleagues and animal feed. The retailer halved the amount of food safe for human consumption going to energy recovery compared to last year (51% decrease) and is now 81% of the way toward its target that no food safe for human consumption goes to waste. Overall, this led to the amount of food going to waste in Tesco’s UK operations falling by 17% to 44,297 tonnes (0.45% sales) compared to the previous year. Over 12 months, Tesco sold around 10 million tonnes of food in the UK. A small fraction – 77,184 tonnes – 0.78% remained unsold. Of this total, 32,887 tonnes was redistributed and stopped from going to waste. Tesco was the first UK retailer to publish its own operations data in 2013.

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