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SULA, Europe’s number one manufacturer of sugar-free sweets, has extended its range of products for the UK market with the launch of four new flavours.

NEW-PRODUCTS-2014The launch, which comes at a time when there is unprecedented publicity and increasing concerns about the health dangers of sugar, highlights the “enormous potential” for sugar-free confectionery in the UK market.

Sulá’s range of sugar-free sweets now features 10 mouth-watering and traditional British flavours presented in convenient, pocket-sized, flip-top click boxes.

The latest Sulá sugar-free additions to the range are Cola and Liquorice boiled sweets in 42g flip-top boxes plus indulgent and innovative new Butter Toffee and Chocolate Toffee varieties presented in 55g packs.

The four new products join the established Sulá line-up of Classic British flavours that features Butterscotch, Strawberry & Cream, Fruit Mix, Fruit Humbugs, Rhubarb & Custard and Strong Mint sugar-free sweets.

Tanja Höke-Woltering, Area Sales Manager for the UK and Ireland at Sulá, said sugar-free confectionery represented a “massive opportunity” for UK retailers to meet the continuing consumer demand for healthier products.

“Whilst sales of sugar-free sweets in the UK are showing strong growth, the market here is under-developed compared to other European countries,” she said. “Products such as soft drinks and chewing gum have clearly demonstrated the enormous potential for sugar-free in the UK market and sugar-free confectionery is set to be the next big growth sector.”

Tanja Höke-Woltering said that Sulá had been manufacturing premium-quality sugar-free sweets for more than 60 years and that the company’s manufacturing process delivered superior sweets with a smooth, appetising look and a high-quality flavour that “was so good consumers would never know the sweets were sugar-free”.

All Sulá sweets are free from artificial flavours, preservatives, hydrogenated fat and Aspartame and are a natural choice for a healthier lifestyle. Sulá sugar-free sweets are also suitable for diabetics, vegetarians and perfect for people wishing to reduce their calorie intake without sacrificing confectionery treats, as Sulá boiled sweets contain only 7-9 calories.

Sulá sugar-free sweets are sold in the UK by Petty, Wood & Co Ltd and Senior Brand Manager Gavin Tarrant said the new range would be strongly supported by advertising and promotional support in 2014.

“One of the key elements of the marketing campaign will be to demonstrate to consumers the great taste of Sulá sweets… with no need for sugar,” said Gavin Tarrant. “We are launching a national consumer sampling campaign that will take place in leading supermarkets, city centres, shopping malls and at major events.”

The sampling campaign will be supported by press advertising and will help to build awareness of the Sulá range as a great-tasting, healthier alternative to sugar confectionery.

Tanja Höke-Woltering said that Sulá’s new product launches would give further impetus to the dynamic and fast-growing sugar-free sector of the UK confectionery market.

“Sugar-free sweets offer a tremendous opportunity for UK retailers and will continue to develop into a really significant market sector. We are delighted to be introducing exciting new Sulá flavours – particularly at a time when there is so much publicity, awareness and concern over the health dangers of sugar.”

Trade enquiries should be directed to Petty, Wood & Co Ltd

Tel: 01264 345500


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