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Forget everything you think you know about bottled sauces – and get ready to deliver a truly memorable taste experience to your customers.


Our range of cook-in sauces is unique to the market. All are 100% natural, certified gluten free, certified halal, vegan friendly combinations of only the highest grade ingredients. Designed over months with the sole aim of reproducing the same fresh, clean-spice experience as our spice blend sachets, our sauces offer an even quicker-to-cook format, without chemicals, preservatives or anything non-natural or dodgy. We just want to inspire and help make a delicious, healthy meal in just a jiffy!

We created our delicious sauces for use as part of a happy trio. To make a balanced, happy, healthy meal, you take (1) a jar of our sauce (2) some meat, fish or veggies (3) add a little yoghurt or coconut milk; 1, 2, 3. Simple! NO nasties of any kind. Most importantly, we offer an honest, fully flavoured, non-watered down, concentrated sauce for you to enjoy.


As a multi-award-winning specialist company trading in only the most superior spices, Green Saffron’s quality range is a world away from those bland, over-processed jars of dubious provenance. And speaking of provenance (for it’s a word on everyone’s lips), family company Green Saffron is devoted to ensuring customers know the origins of the ingredients of our cook-in sauces. The whole range captures the wonderfully fresh spices we source directly from our partner farms and traders in India, without any additives. Quite simply, if it doesn’t need to be in the jar, it’s not.

Green Saffron’s entire cook-in sauce range is certified gluten-free, ensuring more customers can embark on a culinary journey with the company. The recipe origins may lie in India, but the sauces don’t just create a great curry. They’re also great building blocks for meals inspired by any world cuisine, versatile enough to both jazz up a tried-and-tested favourite and create an entirely new dish.

Food waste is a major concern of ours and the world at large for that matter! Green Saffron’s cook-in sauces offer a great solution for transforming leftovers into something even more appetising than the original meal! When you have a product as tasty as this, even the cheapest cuts of meat and most tired veggies can become a veritable feast fit for the whole family.


Green Saffron believes in ‘buy-to-use’, and our portions are carefully calculated to minimise wastage. A single 460g jar of cook-in sauce will provide up to 6 generous servings. Of course, these cook-in sauces do just what they say on the label – but aside from creating an amazing, authentic curry, they encourage culinary imaginations to run wild. Green Saffron’s products are a uniquely creative offering to the ‘spice’ category; to inspire innovation amongst home-cooks, no matter what their level of expertise.

Green Saffron is driven by customer demand, so we couldn’t ignore the classic favourites. ‘Korma’, ‘Tikka’, and ‘Jalfrezi ‘may be familiar names up and down the country, but our cook-in sauces defy the norm, and totally redefine expectation. We’ve striven for absolute authenticity and ultimate, fresh, unique flavour. At once subtle and bold; nuanced and vibrant, these top-quality cook-in sauces are a triumphant alternative to any takeaway – and a perfect way to make your friends believe you’re a curry-cooking expert!

From humble beginnings at Farmers’ Markets in Ireland in 2006, Green Saffron’s freshly-spiced products have won a Sial D’or International retail brand award for product innovation, hold 2 Gold Stars in the 2013 Great Taste Awards for the ‘Jaunty Jalfrezi’ cook-in sauce and now are available throughout the UK thanks to brilliant distributor, Cotswold Fayre.

The range’s bright, eccentric packaging captures the playful, adventurous spirit of the company and the product itself, reflecting our unique commitment to the concept of ‘fresh alchemy’. Our vibrant spices travel from ‘Source to Sauce’ in just 8 weeks, meaning the products burst with life, much like the Victorian characters on our bold, richly-coloured labels. And, like those witty cross-culture illustrations, Green Saffron’s cook-in sauces are an alchemical fusion of Eastern knowledge with Western skills.

Logo,-Green-Saffron-1copyGreen Saffron’s cook-in sauces make spiced meals accessible to one and all. The on-pack QR codes make things simpler still, linking to online cookery classes. Passion drives the company, and it’s precisely that feeling we strive to create in our customers when they cook at home.

The true meaning of ‘curry’ is ‘tasty gravy’, derived from the Tamil word, ‘Kari’. Green Saffron aims to re-define, twist and turn common parlance. When we refer to a ‘Curry Sauce’, we simply mean a sauce of any sort that brightens up food and offers a wonderfully easy way to make a delicious spiced meal from anything! Choose a spice level and get creative; from jacket potatoes to chutneys, stews to barbeque feasts; Green Saffron’s cook-in sauces are the solution.

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